How to Know If Your Sperm Is Healthy

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You need strong sperm for pregnancy It is not enough to have a healthy sperm count if the quality of the semen is not good We will discuss some signs which will show that your sperm is healthy You Don't Wear Tight Underwear If you wear skin tight underwear then it is not good for your skin and for your sperm count Wearing tight underwear heats up your scrotum and the rise in temperature kills sperms

You Don't Smoke Smoking reduces sperm count and also affects the DNA that your semen carries due to the presence of nicotine You Have a Flat Stomach Having a stomach fat can weigh down on your testicles and interfere with hormone distribution in the lower portions of your body which results in the production of unhealthy sperms You Don't Ride Bikes Riding a bike in the traffic for several hours' heats up your scrotum This extra heat can kill your sperms because they need a very moderate temperature to survive You Eat Fish Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish are very good for your sperm count and quality

Eating fish helps to keep your semen smooth and increases the motility of your sperms You Don't Keep Cell Phones In Your Pocket Cellular phones emit radiations which can actually reduce your sperm count These harmful radiations are not good for your sperms and can damage the DNA in it You Don't Eat Junk Food Eating junk food damages the quality of your sperm It interferes with your testosterone level and makes your sperms unhealthy

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