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How To Bake Healthy Whole Wheat bread – at home


Welcome to my model lifestyle channel I am Daniel Maritz and today i am going to show you how to make healthy whole wheat bread If you have not subscribed yet, please do To check some new and upcoming videos Now, let's make this bread So how do you make healthy whole wheat bread? You only need a few ingredients You just need whole wheat flour Then some salt some honey! Always choose honey instead of sugar

Because you know, sugar is not that healthy Honey is a lot better and then some yeast and then only water That is it, you do not need anything else This is the basic recipe You need 300ml of water Throw it in Next is the whole wheat flour So we need around 900ml of flour estimate it to roughly 900ml throw it in Now the flour is 900ml and the water is 300ml SO the water is roughly one third of the flour that you put it It is a good tip to remember Let us move on Now the salt add half a table spoon there we go now the yeast add to thirds of a table spoon of yeast lastly the honey add 2 table spoons of honey throw it in one and then another In, allright once you got all the ingredients in all you have to do is mix it start with your spoon first becasue your hands will be very sticky so mix it with your spoon a little first let's take this off Now get your hands in there Allright, i think we are done, we got a nice piece of dough here now what we have to do is put it down and you leave it to rise let's come back in an hour and half i am back, it has been an hour and a half let us see how it looks it is nice knee it a little more and then we will form our bread a good tip is: You don't want your bread to to stick to the pan put some butter on the pan so they do not stick i do not want to get my hands dirty, so that is why i am using this wrapping paper allright allright guys, there you have it they are done and ready we won't put the oven on now we need them to rise again first You can put them in like this, but let's add a few extra touches to make them look good take a knife and cut them through on the top right in the middle now just add a little bit of flower just on the top a little there little here little bit everywhere alright, there you go, now let us put then into the oven Now we will give them another hour and a half to rise up again and then we will put the oven on alright, it has been an hour and a half, so turn on the oven Let's do this, put it on 180 degrees Put them in for about 20-25 minutes Just keep on looking untill you see that nice brown color alright, let us give them some time The bread is almost finished

It is looking good While we wait, i want to show you this whole wheat flour this is Bob's Red Mill whole wheat flour This is really good You can make pizza, bagels and buns and muffins and brownies and it is guilt free, it is super healthy I will add a link in the description so that you an check it out I think it is done Looks good!! Wow!! Allright Let's try this Alright, let us try it With bread this good You do not really need anything to make it taste better, just add a little butter try it Good!! Super good! So there you have it! Now you know how to make healthy whole wheat bread try it out at home Thank you for checking out the video If you have not subscribed yet, please do and i will see you in the next video anyway i will link a description, i will link, aaggggg i will link a description allright, hmm what do i want to say? some afrikaans language alright so make alright, so let's start this need 300 mlllllml blblbglgl alright, first thing add 300 mli mlile ml mlmlgglgl hey oh no

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