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How French Health Care Compares To The US System


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France’s health-care system, which is called “social security,” has been globally recognized for overall quality. In a 2000 report, the World Health Organization ranked it the best national health-care system in the world.

As Democrats push a government-funded health care and President Donald Trump campaigns on repealing Obamacare without a clear alternative, Health care has become a major…..(read more)


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  2. Elle se rate des le début. Dommage, l'angle qu'elle choisit ne permet pas d'aboutir aux bonnes conclusions.
    Il serait plus approprié de dire dès le départ quand sommes-nous amené à bénéficier du système de santé.
    Aussi, il est crucial de dire qu'être sain ne nécessite aucun traitement moyen/lourd.
    Dans un dernier cas il faut rappeler que trop de personnes utilisent les services de santé pour des soins bénins

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  5. I'm Australian.. have spent over 200 days in various hospitals over my life (60y.o.) and never received a bill or paid a cent and got top care everywhere I went. .. The US 'system' is a sad joke… thank God I don't live there.. I'd either be dead or bankrupt…. or both.

  6. A few additions.

    A general practitioner's visit cost 25€. Doctors are either conventioned "sector 1 or 2". Sector 1 meaning they will charge you the government regulated price. Sector 2 will be more expensive and the rest will be out of pocket. But in any case you can know which it is in advance.

    Some things are ridiculously not covered well, such as glasses, dental care that isn't just filling a cavity, and it does push people not to seek the care they need or to wait.

    If you're sick and have to stay home you will be covered… but not the first days and it's just a percentage of your salary (I don't know how much, maybe 75%). So here too, an illness can financially hurt you, but not hundreds of thousands of euros.

    People who work can now get supplementary health care through the company and the employer covers half of that price. But they'll often settle for the basic cheap one.

    If your health leaves you unable to work full time, in certain conditions you can get something called a "therapeutic part time", where you work half of the time and the government covers the other half of your income. It's useful to ease people coming out of long illnesses, or some surgery, back into working.

    The system is designed to support people in their "accidents of life", illnesses, accidents, pregnancies, etc. It's definitely not perfect, it needs work. But at least here no one is arguing about how poor people deserve to die.

  7. It may be that, on average, American doctors want to amass wealth to be able to afford 2 or 3 homes, several cars; perhaps a yault, foreign vacations; piled up money in their bank account, & hold shares in big companies, etc. Of course, there are doctors, paying down huge medical school debt. Regular folks have to pay down huge college loan debt while faced with overwhelming healthcare costs, while at the same time struggling to stay afloat. Egalitarian? Far from it.

  8. The U.S. is backward when it comes to healthcare. A single payer system is cost-effective and has better outcomes. Statistically, other countries have a lower death rate as it relates to their healthcare effectiveness.

  9. France is just a much better country than America. End of story. Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada are all way better countries than America. End of story.

  10. The higher taxes in France cover mostly the welfare. Not the helthcare system. Welfare in France is very high you can get 70% or 80% of a minimum wage salary in welfare. The healthcare system is really not that costly. There are some improvement here or there. But it works great. Especially compared to the US.

  11. Just let them be. Every organization need a security force. The world have the US. Let's enjoy our free/cheap healthcare, education, and stress free life. Oh oh, and our debt-free life

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  13. Democrats are pushing for a model that nut licks the private insurance companies in a way that makes conservatives grow harder. The heritage foundation thanks all the crony corrupt Democrats.

  14. According to the official statistics, South Africa has turned into one of the greatest epicenters of Covid-19 in the world. Since the beginning of April to the 12th July, the cumulative number of infections in South Africa has doubled about every 14 days. On 12 July 2020, 264,184 cumulative cases have been recorded, slightly more than double the 131,800 on 28 June, 14 days before. South Africa was firmly on track to record half a million cumulative infections by 25 July. Community spread appeared unstoppable. At that rate of increase, 1 million would have been infected by 8 August, 2 million by 22 August, 4 million by 5 September, 8 million by 19 September, 16 million by 3 October and some 32 million by 17 October 2020. That would represent 53% of the population of over 59 million people. The daily number of new infections should then have dropped off steeply. On that trend, over the first two weeks of October, between one and two million new infections were likely to occur daily.

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    The question is, why have the number of cases been manipulated up?

    Early this year, South Africa applied for an IMF loan of US$4.3 billion at a very low interest rate. On 27 July, the IMF publicly announced that the loan was granted – Most likely, South Africa was informed of the grant earlier than the public announcement, perhaps around 12 July? Clearly, the numbers in South Africa have been manipulated up to impress on the IMF an urgent need for funds to fight the epidemic in the country. Most of the funds are likely to land in the pockets of corrupt people in positions of power and their family.

    A further question is, what is the real motive for the ban on liquor sales?

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    Fraud and corruption assume many a guise. The South African government is rotten through from top to bottom and doing the population a grave disservice by spreading false information to serve the aims of people in power to enrich themselves. Never miss the opportunities a good crisis offers, hey?

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  16. Little correction: the phrase “French citizens…” is a bit misleading, as there is no distinction between citizens and legal residents when it comes to health care (carte vitale, …).

  17. Mon mari travail à Monaco, c'est encore mieux remboursé qu'en France, entre 80 et 100%, le salaire est payé intégralement 50% Par le patron 50 % par l'assurance du patron en cas d'arrêt de travail…On ne paye rien, ni les soins ni les opérations. Et les cotisations retenues sur le salaire sont minimales. Je pense même arrêter notre mutuelle qui nous coûte plus cher et ne sert quasiment à rien… Après il y a des choses qui sont bien mieux aux USA comme la liberté, en France j'ai de plus en plus l'impression que tout devient interdit…

  18. We have a very similar system here in Tunisia despite France stealing all of our natural resources during the last century we have managed to have a healthcare system that's even cheaper than France's

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