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    How come US Military Veteran Men never have a BREAST BUDDY HEALTH CHECK? November 6, 2019


    okay good morning kids today is October 6 2019 there's a random question here I know when I was a military spouse and I was going to get my first breast exam the doctor actually told me that I was too young they told me I was too young and I needed to wait I think it was maybe 33 or something like that 30 30 they're like you're just too young you don't you don't need a breast exam well anyway let's fast-forward not a question how come men never do a breast buddy check with each other or like the veterans never have a breast buddy check because it seems focused on women now I'm going to take it in another direction too so breast is a word that's popular with search engine optimization and young folks are curious you know the teenagers are curious about body parts and things like that but they also have this is what I this is something that happened to me was I went into the breast exams and it happened several times that I started noticing this common denominator so I would get I'd go to the exam then I get a notice in the mail that something was wrong or you know that there was something and I needed to come back in and so then they'd schedule another an appointment I'd have to drive across town so I'd go back across town and so then they'd be you know checking with this other machine and so one time I asked and I said like the bar you guys see it lumps or something and they're like oh well we stopped counted we stopped counting at 16 and so I'm like and I was thinking what and then you know and so so anyway then I get these bills and some of them insurance doesn't even cover it and so I asked them or they said well we might be able to write this last one off but let me talk to my they said let's talk to the supervisor so they did they wrote off one of them and so then someone else brought up at a later time they said well if students are going to be practicing on people shouldn't shouldn't the service be free and so that's what they were alluding to is the fact that we're paying out of our pocket to go to a service where students are experimenting and practicing on people is what's happening that's what's happening with the the breast health health exams and also the you know when you think of the common word of breast and the search engine optimization and it being used as as advertising to get someone you know to place that little bit of fear in someone's heart to think oh I gotta go into the doctor well then on the other side of it then you have people who are are like well I don't have money to go with the doctor now I'm just sitting here I got something going on and you know cuz I know when I was really young that was something that happened to me I had milk in the glands well their lumps they fill up and we have sweat glands we have lymphatic system glands that swell up too and they swell up and then they go away and I even had one of the oh gosh I mean I've been given the first time I think it was maybe 20 to 21 or something like that the first time I had a lay on swell up and then not go down and then even it's happened consistently they've swelled up and then they go down and so and I've always had even fatty tissue like behind my leg right not one of my legs I still have it and I asked my grandma went and I said what is that she's like oh that's just fatty tissue it's nothing to worry about and it hasn't been you know so yeah so so it's like when I'm thinking about marketing and advertising you know how come the military and the soldiers don't have a breast buddy health check where they call each other and asked about their breast health and the men are including you know and why is it that breasts are the only place that get lumps which isn't true I mean because I've had lumps in other places and like in the back of my knee it's not the lump that my grandma that I asked my grandma about when I was a kid that's kind of fun that I think that maybe it was in in the back of my neck – I had a I don't know if I still have it back there or not but I know I have one on my knee as well but I just remember her comforting words she's like oh there's nothing to worry about it says fatty tissue that's what they called it was fatty tissue and so but the thing is it's like now there's that you know to get in there and get things checked but then it's like well okay so are these real jobs then are these real jobs either and and and so then we're paying out of our pocket for students to be learning we're paying out of our pocket for students to be practicing you know and so it's so really what is medical care if you know I mean I could get a Doppler machine or something and put it on myself they can put an app on a phone and you could you know look around and at your body parts and and still have no idea cuz I was thinking even when my husband went in to the emergency room and that cost a lot of money and we were there for like ten hours and he waited for the lady and she put the machine on him and she looks around and she says oh I can't tell anything if if the blood clots are gone or not so she said she says I can't tell anything if they're getting smaller or larger that's what she told him and when I was looking at the Machine I was thinking I'm not even sure how you can tell if how you can tell anything you can see that little heat map thing or a pulse you can see a little pulse but I was thinking could he have easily been bamboozled you know so that's just something that I was questioning and then look at the inflated prices and the things that we're dealing with with medical right now the inflated prices and so there's been a public conversation with that and yeah that that well we've got several going on the medical the medical device is potentially in the fraud fraud and medical housing fraud Medicare fraud Social Security fraud and and then even the inequality of people not people's work not even counting as work in a job and so there's a lot of things actually we've had a lot of things surface in the past ten years for me anyway I think that there's new it it's just to get the attention of the American public so

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