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    HOMEMADE HEALTHY PEANUT BUTTER – How To Make Peanut Butter In 1 Minute | The Health Space


    Most of us love having peanut butter But the store bought options have a lot of hydrogenated Oils, Preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, And added sugars and the list goes on

    So today, I'm going to teach you, How to make your very own home made healthy peanut butter And that too under 1 minute with only 1 ingredient So let's get started So first let me begin by giving you 3 excellent reasons, As to why you must include peanut butter in your diet No

    1- It is very tasty And it is very versatile which means we can add it to a lot of dishes No 2- It's very high in good quality fat and good quality protein And No

    3- This is super inexpensive and affordable, And in fact can also be added to daily diets So just ensure that if you really want to reap all of these health benefits, Should be home made from scratch with just 1 ingredient, Which is real wholesome peanuts And that's exactly what I'm going to show you today So first let's begin by understanding Which peanuts do you actually have to use The first variety of peanuts that we all actually have in our kitchen, Are these raw peanuts

    These are the ones which we generally add to our Gujarati Dals, And Poha as well And the second type of peanuts are ones that we generally snack or munch on Now these generally come pre roasted with the covering and without the covering The ones we are going to use today are these without the covering So the first step is to actually roast your peanuts, If they're not pre roasted

    You can do this on a skillet or a kadhai or even use your oven for this The one tip I generally give my clients is, That if you're okay with a little flavour, Don't really remove this outer brown covering of the peanut So when I make it at home for my family, I always ensure that I keep the cover on in fact, So it adds a lot of added flavour and fibre But if you want to really remove the cover, Then after you dry roast your peanuts Just make sure that you wait for about 5 minutes till they become a little cold, And then you will just scrub it gently and the peel will come off in less than a minute Second step is to understand the grinder that we're going to use

    So we all have this mixer grinder in our houses The one tip I'd like to give you, Is to always ensure that you're using the smaller attachment What I have observed with my clients who actuallytry and make this at home first time, Is that they use the bigger attachment But what happens when they use this larger attachment, We actually get a very coarse grind, almost like a peanut powder But today we want peanut butter, So the peanuts actually start releasing their oilsand become creamy in texture and buttery when we use the smaller attachment So let's get started, the first thing that we have to do isuse the small attachment and fix it in place Now all that left to do it add our pre-roasted peanuts into your jar Now the simplest thing is left, and that is to pulse this

    So now my nice, creamy, buttery peanut butter is ready You can see the consistency of this This is nice and creamy Now let me give you a little tip, At this point, you can also add in your flavouring and toppings So if you like nice, salty peanut butter you can add a little bit of sea salt

    You if you like a nice sweet and chocolaty one, You can add some raw cocoa powder with either honey or jaggery And a little tip from me would also be the storage This doesn't need ant refrigeration, So you can actually store this in an air tight container, But always make sure you're using a glass or a steel container, As oppose to a plastic one and that's something I always tell my clients Also, now I've taught you how to make your own peanut butter But I'm going to give you my greatest tip

    Now that you know the method, You can actually use this for not only other nut butters, Like almond butter, cashew butter but also for seed butters So you can make pumpkin seed butter, sunflower seed butter, Or my favourite one, which is the mixed seed butter So now all that's left to do, Is to transfer this to a nice container So you're going to slowly add this So here's our rich, creamy peanut butter

    You know what's the best part? That we've actually made this without using any additives, Preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers literally made from scratch, Using whole peanuts and that's what makes it so healthy for us A little tip from me to you is also the storage So as I told you not to refrigerate it You can refrigerate it but I always ask my clients to keep this outside, So the consistency doesn't vary And this stays fresh for about 2-3 months outside not in the refrigerator

    So there you have it guys This was my peanut butter, home made from scratch, Using 1 ingredient under one minute So i really hope you find this video helpful Remember to share this with somebody who finds some value and worth out of this So until next time, stay healthy, stay happy and stay tuned

    To your very own the Health Space!

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