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Home treatment of honey and nuts to take care of the health of the thyroid


Home Treatment of honey and nuts to take care of the health of the thyroid The preparation of honey and nuts can serve as a complement to the activities of our thyroid and optimize its functioning, since it appears both overproduction hormones and the deficit

The thyroid gland is a small organ located in the anterior and superior part of the trachea, just above the collarbone This is one of the endocrine glands that produce hormones and therefore plays an important role role in metabolic, cardiovascular and emotional health Its good functioning is key to the health of the whole organism, not only because it control the rhythm of many important activities, but also because it interferes in turn protein synthesis, circulation and oxygenation process However, it sometimes leads to inflammatory and hormonal imbalances that then produce disturbances that affect the quality of life Although it is not always visible to blunt symptoms, small and small changes is experienced in the body which facilitates its detection

Fortunately, as a preventive measure, we can access certain substances of natural origin which the nutrients benefit the balance of thyroid hormones In this occasion we want the main symptoms of the dysfunction of this gland and a homemade honey and neutermiddel that help to heal it Do not miss it! Symptoms of a thyroid dysfunction The symptoms of a thyroid may vary dysfunction in each patient, depending on the type of the problem developed: hypothyroidism; hyperthyroidism; goiter; thyroiditis; Nodules in the thyroid; Thyroid cancer In general, there are several clinical manifestations that allow some of these conditions is suspected

These include: Sensation of chronic fatigue sleep disturbances; Anxiety and nervousness; Changes in appetite and taste of food Sudden changes in weight; Loss of sexual desire; Dry skin Hair loss Fragile nails; Irregular menstruasies

Fertility Problems; Muscle and joint pain; High blood pressure and cholesterol; Inadequate regulation of body temperature Treatment of honey and nuts for the thyroid The mixture of honey and nuts is an ancient medicinal preparation which is used to supplement stimulates the balance of thyroid hormones His regular consumption as a preventive measure can prevent the low production of hormones or overstimulation of them Benefits of honey from bees

Rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds, organic honey is one of the most beneficial medicinal ingredients for human health The natural sugars are a major source of energy for the cells and, thanks to this, it prevents relapse due to fatigue It helps to protect the body against harmful substances as pesticides and heavy metals, which affects the appearance of tiroïedafwykings It contains light doses of omega-6 fatty acid, a nutrient that the regulation of the body's hormonal processes Benefits of nuts

A large number of people do not know how good nuts to maintain good thyroid health This delicious dried fruit is full of nutrients and properties supported in one way or another the function of this gland It contains large quantities of selenium, an essential trace element that intervenes the activity of the thyroid, promote the correct segregation of hormones Low levels of these minerals associated with iodine deficiency, a problem that can cause hypothyroidism The essential fatty acids are recommended to avoid inflammatory imbalances in the gland

This serves to improve circulation and also high energy value How to set up this honey and neutermiddel? For the preparation of this remedy is suggested To use green nuts, as this variety is containing more selenium But if you do this can not buy state, you can use ordinary nuts Ingredients 40 green walnuts; 3 cups organic honey (1 kg); tools; knife; Glass jar with a lid; Wooden Spoon; Preparation

Cut the green nuts in half and cut them into small pieces Place it in a glass jar and cover it with organic honey Remove the ingredients with a wooden spoon and seal the pot Place for a cool, dark place for 7 to 10 days Power consumption mode

Once the required time has passed, consume 2 teaspoons fast or during breakfast If you want to repeat your intake at night, alone or smeared on a slice of rye bread Ready to try this delicious and healthy treatment? Even if you do not have signs of a thyroid not problem, you can include this preparation in your regular diet to support your functions

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