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HEALTHY LIVING a Revolutionary Documentary About the Unknown Facts About Health


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Have a look at this “HEALTHY LIVING a Revolutionary Documentary About the Unknown Facts About Health” video below:


Healthy Living is a mini documentary about leading a healthy lifestyle. The film reveals several unconventional concepts and tips to leading a healthy lifestyle. Moreover it delves deeper into studying health at the cellular level, unravelling facts about the PH balance, breathing techniques and dietary changes etc.
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  2. Thanks for the inspiration and it's really helpful, i figured i'd also share to everyone a method that help me lose weight as well.,, hope it helps others also! @t

  3. Is the weirdest psychobabble I’ve ever heard one example being that acid and alkaline are immediately neutralised in the body and the other example is that blood is actually made in the bone marrow not a small intestine crypt

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  6. We are advising some principle to cure/maintain the health as
    * total consuming of water is varying according to geography from 2.

    1)  morning drinking of 1 liter of water at empty stomach 
    2) not to drink water during the water and consume after 2 hours, 
    3) takes food at the intervals of 2 – 2.5 hours
    4) takes res lying on the left side after lunch and walk 21 miles after lunch to bed. 
    5) avoids all too hot, too pungent / chill, any narcotics

  7. These truths are why the skies are being sprayed with chemtrails and even if you avoid the chemtrails in laundry detergent and fabric softeners or body soaps lotions etc > the chemtrails are effecting your health > Google: Natural remedies for pollution & Chemtrails and check with your Doctor for possible allergies or side effects of medication interactions because GOOD HEALTH IS GREAT WEALTH.

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