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Health Officials Suggest Vaccine Side Effects May Be More Noticeable After Second Dose | NBCLA


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Watch this “Health Officials Suggest Vaccine Side Effects May Be More Noticeable After Second Dose | NBCLA” video below:

As thousands of health care workers get their vaccines in the coming days, we wanted to check back in with the very first frontline workers who got their shots earlier week. Most say they feel fine, but health officials say they may feel a little different after that second dose. Hetty Chang reports for NBC4 News at 11 p.m. on Dec. 18, 2020.

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  1. My mom has polyethylene glycol allergy. Polyethylene glycol ingredients has covid vaccines. What should my mom. How my mom can get vaccines. Allergic people should be hospitalized

  2. Covid 19 is biological weapon created by greedy politician unfortunately then it's a big business they created to make vaccine I wonder how do they know if that's really works to protect you from getting Covid they said they cannot say for sure.omg

  3. Never to any vaxcine I'm healthy why I should go for that vaxcine.covide is a pandemic ofall evil country .who spread that bacteria to dismantle economy around the globe.dirty tactics .to reduce population .

  4. Vaccines will mess with your DNA, people, claivoyants state they have noticed that there appears a disconnection between the soul and the body in those who have vaccinated. This is the first "vaccine" containing mRNA, not a regular vaccine at all, but a strange experiment. If you want to be the guinea pigs, go ahead.


  6. It is an experimental vaccine, a type never used on humans before. No long term studies have been conducted. It might mess up your natural immune system. Also, there are concerns about future fertility .

  7. Why is it that when people have had the vaccine do they still wear a mask surly the idea of the vaccine is to protect them its all one big con and the sheeple are to stupid to belive to belive the crap that's being spouted about how safe it is the truth is no one knows the truth

  8. But everyone immune systems are not the same. My experience the next morning was so painful. And I had a crush foot. And it was in the other arm.

  9. I know what side effects will be after shot 2 however all info on you tube is told by people who are by people that are much younger than I am with s e veral health issues. Now I am terrified for my shot 2. It is near imposdible to speak with my Dr. And I rely on my phoné for info on you tube for what I have learned
    Where for info

  10. Here the problem people my sister dead u need to test people first shes gone im angry that they don't test people or anyone with underlying health conditions lupus herpes virus anyone with cancer aids hiv arthritis anyone who can5 take this lost my cousin after shots please please test those lawsuit for killing my sister especially I kept photoes of my sister her mout got infected then lungs shes was covid free in hurting I lost her this way

  11. Things will get worse instead of becoming better? Of course! When you put the darn enemy inside! What? Yes. At first, great emphasis on social lockdowns, social distancing, wear mask and wash hands to keep the darn enemy virus AWAY. Then, when you are actually free of the Covid virus, suddenly you do the OPPOSITE and inject, INSERT the same darn thing deep INSIDE every part of YOU through the blood system! What crazier thoughts and behavior than this! What else to expect? CRAZY results await!

  12. You have to get the shots ! There is no way around it ! Being vaccinated ,is way more safe than no vaccination at all! Don't chance being one who refused the shot ! You can be a carrier and infect many other people ! So ,bone up…and get those shots ! Regardless !

  13. Everyone getting these experimental vaccines are the lazy ones who don’t take the time to do their research because if they really knew what was involved they wouldn’t take these “vaccines” SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER!

  14. LOL because the evidence that says there is a virus also says there is a mRNA packet that looks like a virus but according to Moderna it is not a virus but they will let you live a lie so they can all retire in a few weeks.

  15. @John 14:6 King James Version
    6. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me..

  16. DONT touch this shot. INVESTIGATION and actually learn the facts and TRUTH. Become a detective to learn what these shots REALLY are and exactly how they work. PS they Skipped animal trials and went straight to people.

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