Hauora Arotahi – Māori Health Areas of Focus

Bill Kaua: Greetings to everyone watching our presentation to you regarding pursuing well-being for all of Māori I am Wiremu Kaua of the East Coast

I am the PHARMAC Kaumātua I have held this role for seven years now Greetings once more Ātene Andrews: Greetings also to you all I am Ātene Andrews also of the East Coast,Ngāti Porou

Greetings My role here at PHARMAC is the Manager Māori Responsiveness I have worked here now at PHARMAC for just over three years Greetings once again Our Māori health areas of focus are those key health areas for Māori that help us decide what’s directly funded for Māori with medicines and for their health

So that's the key reason for our talking with you today We're really interested to find opportunities to meet with you, engage with you, talk with you and listen to you about what those areas are now for you today We know that the government has their own health priorities in diabetes, cardiovascular and renal disease and those are already a part of our Māori health areas of focus, but in the review we want to refresh, meet you where you are experiencing your health challenges, and just check in with you about are we on the right track and more so for the future, are we making sound, relevant decisions that are going to benefit Māori health across the country Firstly we need to, as a group, move around the country and listen to what you have to say There are going to be a number of meetings called around Aotearoa where we can come and sit, and listen to what whānau are saying

If you have whānau that you think can add to your participation with regards to needs, bring them along with you, so it's not just a meeting of the so called professionals, but where you can back up your tono, your kōrero with members of your whānau who are actually going through whatever health dilemma there is, bring them along to those meetings too If we didn't have these dicussions it'd be the same old same old; professionals will make up our minds for us and we all know our stats are like in health I get a bit sad when I keep hearing the negatives, there are plenty postives that you're involved with out there, and those are some of the things we want to hear too Don't just give us the negative things that are happening, also tell us about the postive things that you're doing with whānau out there, and the progress, cos I'm pretty sure our statistics don't remain static, but are going up So we want to hear those good stories too, so please remember that when you're feeding back to us

Kia ora Ātene Andrews: What are our next steps? Myself and Papa Bill here will be involved with sending pānui out to our partners, and to Māori health organisations, inviting them to participate And how we participate? We ask our partners to make suggestions, and then we'll make a formal programme, come and visit you, and come to listen Kia ora Therefore everyone That is our invitation to you all

We want to lessen those health disparities between Māori and non-Māori I get annoyed at the poor health statistics of Māori Be strong in pursuing with us on improving the health outcomes for all of our people across the Pacific Lifting the health outcomes of Māori is the goal Get back to us with your thoughts

Challenge us with your questions Be resolute Greetings to you all once more

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