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    we're in the plaza de armas of pisac and we're the only ones here they turn their store into a mask place now we're gonna go to the famous pisac market this is the bathtub we're alex and lindsey two travelers who were exploring south america when suddenly a strict lockdown began leaving us stuck abroad we've been here for months and even though lockdown has lifted things in peru are far from normal we're documenting the whole thing and sharing it with you good morning guys from pisac peru again today we're at wolf totem hostel and we're gonna have some breakfast in here or bed breakfast i guess i mean coffee i think that's all they have right now because of the current situation but usually they'd have a bunch of food here but let's go check it out so this morning we're in the wolf totem hostel for our breakfast or basically for coffee which we have every day and the hostel has such a beautiful vibe we just had coffee and it's made out of this very antique looking coffee maker so we're gonna get some work done in this hostel show you around a little bit and then we'll go to i town your lunch we're at a new airbnb here in pisac at wolf totem we'll be giving you a tour but right now we're going to go to town really quick to check out a little bit of peace hack and get some food so guys there are two ways to get into pisac one you can walk and it would take about 15 minutes or you can take a tuck tuck and it takes less than five minutes and it's about 50 cents so pretty cheap so we're gonna do that and show you that you can do it this way let's get in this tuck tuck so these cool little colorful contraptions are tuck tucks i'm not sure really what they call them in peru they're all over the world and they have different names i think they call them tuck ducks here i don't know sometimes it's hard to find them during this time during kobet because there's not a lot of tourists so i don't think this many are out but luckily we got one so we'll be there in a few minutes so we're in the plaza de armas of pisac and we're the only ones here except for one cop in the corner this is kind of a strange sight i would imagine we haven't seen it when it's operating normally but i can imagine this will be filled with people normally when it's not covered times nobody this way almost nobody this way so we're trying to find a place to eat here and it's rather difficult it's not like cusco where there's a bunch of things open really hard there's literally a select few restaurants and we've been to all of them so we wanted to try something new so we're gonna keep trying we're walking around but we can't find anything most likely we'll go to the same place we have like two places we go to and we keep going there and they're good but we just like to switch it up yeah there's some restaurants and cafes that are open now that typically serve food but right now they're only doing coffee so we walk into those and they say no food wow yeah that's a mocha all right so first stop of the day we're stopping to get some coffee and the pastry dessert never too early for dessert never uh with roberto who took in mr potato head the other day and it's giving us some good news he's getting more comfortable not leaving his side and we have some videos that they sent us that we're going to show you guys he's doing really great so we're not allowed to sit next to him so i just wanted to let you know okay so the police just came in and it looked like they were doing some checks here so they made sure that they had this distancing stuff on the floor that people were social distancing and they had all their paperwork for the lockdown not a good sign okay look at this they turn their store whatever it used to be called into a mask place so they're a mask vendor and now that's that's what they do for money this is the most people we've seen in here in a while wow we should just order it's almost like back to normal so i got some caneos i already ate about half of them but they're basically these deep fried wontons with cheese inside and then you dip them in the guacamole yesterday and i got the chicken tacos as always okay just finished our breakfast and now we're going to go to the famous pisac market we're gonna see if any of the juice stand ladies are there selling juices so the best part about the pisac market is these ladies that make the smoothies over here so they're here today finally and we're gonna continue coming here every day to get these smoothies because you can get two three or four fruits and vegetables in there and it's usually around six soleil seven if you get a lot so i just got a mango spinach passion fruit and milk smoothie maracuya spinach mango i'm getting a banana maracuya a spinach e carrot juice smoothie sanoria one helpful tip because you can get sick from the water here possibly sometimes they use the water out of the sink because locals can do that but you should tell them nothing with water from the sink and so if they need more liquid they'll add carrot juice or zanoria juice to give it a little more liquid every fruit that you could want so we just left the market we got these smoothies they're huge we got these for three dollars for both of them so a dollar fifty each jeep in the road very proven so guys we just saw a little trail here going parallel to the road we usually take which is like the main road where cars go and look nice little river with some cliffs a bunch of houses some cliffs so we're going to take this and see if we come across anything interesting but before we took this little path we were on the main road and we weren't wearing a mask because we're in the middle of nowhere there's no people around and anytime we do see people walking on that road they don't have them on because there's no one they never have a mom because it's a good 10 minute walk with nobody around no houses really nothing just far from everything so it's nice to get a break from your mask before you go into town so you can breathe a little yeah and you're not putting anyone in danger by doing it so and the cops came up and they drove right up to us and they stopped us they were speaking a lot of spanish we acted like we didn't speak any spanish they were asking for documents and stuff because they probably wanted to find us for not wearing our masks in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere but i don't know they i think they gave up trying to communicate with us and they kept going once we put on their masks but we had our masks very close we had them ready to put on around nobody at all so just wanted to share that with you guys so you understand how strict peru has been and we appreciate the rules to some extent for safety but also we figured we could use some common sense if there's no one around us why would we wear a mask if we live together so i guess we'll be wearing our masks on a 15-minute walk to town with no one around so also we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you guys about the rumors that we've been hearing from everybody so lockdown kind of ended in a few cities like cusco where we were for four months i'd seen the majority of peru lockdown lifted for the last month or so yeah so we had a good month where a lot of things were lifting things were opening yeah they opened domestic flights from lima even so lima where things were not doing very well uh lima opened up domestic flights happened so we started seeing planes flying overhead for the first time in months and people came and spread the virus yeah like yesterday cusco increased in cases of cova by 300 i think in just one day so we've heard that they might go back into lockdown we don't really know where would be the best place to be we don't really want to go back to cusco we spent a bunch of time there we'd like to have more freedom and be in nature so psych might be the place yeah so after many months of lockdown being stuck in our house finally getting a little bit of freedom for a few weeks we might go right back to what we were just doing for the last few months we might go right back into house arrest basically no which is very unfortunate we finally were able to see some things in peru but now we're gonna get stuck again it really sounds like it we don't know for sure yet yeah nothing's official well that's what we're hearing uh this region we're very close to cusco and we hear the cusco region is probably gonna go into lockdown so that would include us most likely so for now we're just gonna try to travel as much as we can and see new areas and if we get wind that there is going to be an official lockdown we'll just try to retreat back to pisac yeah we have a big market here there's nature yeah that's what we're thinking is peacek but if you guys know peru well and you have the choice between cusco pisac and oyen where would you go let us know in the comments which one you would choose and why if there's any other areas that we're not thinking of yeah other than lima ah so something that's pretty interesting you see a eucalyptus tree here supposedly peru has a ton of varieties of eucalyptus and they brought them in from where was it australia or new zealand and that's why they have many many many varieties for different purposes you'll see a bunch of people carrying around eucalyptus lately and we thought that was just a peruvian thing but it's actually because of covet people think because eucalyptus helps with your breathing you know that is kind of a known fact it helps in a way with your breathing they think it'll keep away covered or at least keep you breathing better so so people will carry these huge bushels on their back and i think do they boil them or burn them i'm not sure or even just put them in their house yeah you can do a tea but i think just they think just having the leaves around might help keep covet away somehow so yeah just thought we would share that with you okay guys we just got back and again we are staying at wolf totem but we're in a different room switched it up a little bit so we're in another loft and let's show you a quick little tour so this is a studio so not a whole lot to show because it's smaller but there's one awesome part of this place that we're kind of in love with so we have a queen size bed over here pretty basic it's a platform bed though so that's pretty cool and the best part is this so we have a hot tub bathtub shower combination built out of concrete right here in the center of the room we're gonna squeeze both of us in here so this place he said it's kind of like a couple's vibe so that's the way that it was made we have this cool mood lighting over here to put you in the mood when you're doing that we have the sink here so it's kind of just a small bathroom this is just a toilet in this right here and then you have to come over here to the sink in the mirror you have some filtered water here then you have extra storage over here where you have some pots and pans shelving and some hangers if you want to hang up your clothes you have all the kitchen utensils and things that you need and that's basically it because it's a studio it's not huge but you have everything you need pretty cool little vibe in this place that is by far the best part that's the reason we wanted to stay here we have a treat for you tonight though if you think this is cool there is another way you can bathe you can bathe on a terrace on the side of a hill in a bathtub outside and we're going to show you that soon so this is a pretty large property and if you go up there a little further on the hill uh there's the hostel there are other airbnbs and then there's a bathtub just on some grass on like a terrace and you have this view like we have from here so we're gonna go take a bath in the wild and show you guys all right we're in our beach clothes we're doing this for sunset so it's getting kind of dark it's very windy right now and cold so but we'll be warm in the tub let's go see what the tub looks like it's on this little terrace our house is actually right there so it's a little above us and it is currently being filled up right now you put some flowers right here to make it a little more romantic not that you need that when you have a bathtub made it extra hot because once it fills then it's just gonna be sitting and get cold pretty fast maybe so we gotta wait for it to cool down a little and then we're gonna hop in look at the dogs we got some guard dogs too and pretty much the same view as it is from our house which is just perfect all right the tub is filling up it's hot and i'm gonna get in because it's super cold out here it's windy look at this view guys our first bathtub outside on a cliff basically overlooking the hills of pisac and the ruins it's gorgeous what is more awesome and romantic than this and there's going to be a sauna offered after this so if you guys stay at this airbnb you can do this exact experience all right the tub is filling up it's hot and i'm going to get in because it's super cold out here it's windy it still feels super hot i can't get in our first bath pub outside on a hill yeah some of our best experiences we are in a new airbnb here oh i just threw the key water from the sink and so if they need more what were you gonna say what's up guys now it's time for q a all right we have a few of your guys's questions here so the first one is from the peruvian chef in oregon he says i have a question if the lockdown is over why are you guys still staying in cusco so the lockdown isn't over country wide it's in provinces cities different areas choose different things so and borders are still closed so we are still technically stuck in peru but we're not in cusco anymore right now we're in psac so we are trying to move around as much as possible to see other areas of peru but yeah borders remain closed and cases continue to go up so we can't go everywhere there are just a few places we can go a lot of things are still closed so it might not be technically locked down but in a way it's still kind of locked-out-y uh we will figure out ways to get some of the places we want to go in the next few videos but can't go everywhere next one comes from andreas valencia says there's even a third and brand new rainbow mountain in leo cusco was discovered a few weeks ago during lockdown so that is awesome so if you aren't too familiar with peru there is a rainbow mountain here or there was one rainbow mountain but now there are several we tried to go to one a smaller rainbow mountain and we couldn't get there but because the it was located in like a small village and a lot of small villages in peru are very afraid of the virus but we've heard that there's actually a lot of rainbow mountains all throughout peru but some are just not known or they're hard to get to yeah so this one that was just discovered like very recently like during this whole pandemic thing uh that one we think we'll be able to get to so we're really going to try to do that asap yeah people say it's open right now it's called pale puncho so hopefully we'll be the first ones to show you acupuncture as soon as possible next one comes from john ruiz says beautiful video show up all details about life in cusco can you provide the name of the tourist guy or helper in your trip so he's referring to mickey yeah so the one that we've been using the guy who has become our friend named mickey he kind of drives us everywhere and it's been amazing yeah his information we will link it right here so you can call him you can go to his youtube channel uh any of that and eventually he'll have a website and all these other things but for now just reach out on whatsapp or something like that yeah any video that we did with him will include his info he's super fun flexible so some of our best experiences in peru have been with him so and they will continue to be with him because we're going to do a few more awesome things with him next one is from thomas shazaki are you guys planning to visit other regions of peru soon yes as much as we can like we said it's kind of uh city town province wide lockdowns so we don't really know exactly where we can go things are changing every day but we aren't in cusco anymore we're in pisac so that's one new thing we're going to go to we're going to go to oyey we're going to go there and see some stuff around there uh and uh we have a lot more on the list but it'll all depend on lockdowns and everything so many things are still closed yeah and we're hearing lots of rumors about another lockdown in cusco we're really scared about that so we'll do what we can look forward to other places until we get locked down again all right guys that's it for the q a please like this video really helps us out subscribe if you haven't already and hit the bell icon so that you get notified of our videos and comment down below we always love hearing from you guys thanks so much for watching and and we'll see you in the next video if you want more if you want daily stuff you should head to instagram find us at alexander travel bum and that's where you'll find daily stories and photos about our travels hey thanks for making it all the way through this video if you want to watch more click one of these videos subscribe because i'm traveling all around the world and i'm sharing the whole thing with you thanks

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