Coffee talks: Digital Health

Digital health is about capturing data – Capturing data about the health of people and then actually doing something with that data Making sure you look back to patients with insightful information, so that they can live a better and healthier life

And what we are trying to build with digital health in Novo Nordisk is really to come up with a solution – through an app on the phone – That is what I would call a doctor in the pocket And if we get that right, that means that this doctor in your pocket can give people very personalised guidance, right? It is also an environment that is full of opportunity Because there is not one world-established solution, there is not one world-established player, yet It is a bit like when the internet was commercialised In the beginning, there were many many ideas, but no one had really solidified, – and I think, that with the skills we have in the company and the tools we have available, we could probably be the one that nails it and get the real BIG solution out there

Ultimately, we are not just doing something that adds value to the patient on the short term, but is also changing the way drugs will be developed over time And in many ways we are part of shaping the future, right? Yes! But how exactly it will end, nobody knows, but that is part of the excitement But it is going to end well, i am pretty sure of that I think it will end well

Source: Youtube