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    Can Fat People Be Happy Mental Health vs. Physical


    Can you be fat and happy well stay tuned because in this video that's exactly what we're gonna talk about What is up everybody? This is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and in this video I really wanted to discuss more of our value systems, which I've mentioned in some other videos but in this particular video I want to talk about where we're at as a society and our focus on mental health Versus physical health Okay

    This is a very very very important video and I can't stress that enough So, please please do me a favor share this video watch the video if you get something from it Or you think this is a message that somebody needs to hear Please make sure you go out and share this video Okay, let's get started As always I put a big fat disclaimer right here so the display before this video is before I have like a bunch of like Nicole arbors coming out like trying to come over here and tell me about my Unhealthy weight and say stuff like this If we offend you so much that you lose weight lose lose weight I'm okay with that You are killing yourself Like I just want to let you know I'm not ignorant I'm not dumb

    I understand I'm an unhealthy weight I understand that being obese is not healthy I get that Okay So as a father and a boyfriend and a son and a friend and somebody that people relies on yes My health is something that I'm working on and I've made some changes Which I struggle with and maybe I'll do a more dedicated video on this but just for example steps that I've personally taken The last six months I've been vegetarian I've started to try yoga my bad about going to the gym I need to get my butt back there But yes physical health is definitely something that's on my mind I have that issue where I've put my mental health for past my physical health that This is not under control or where I needed to be at but I just want to put that dis name where like I'm not Delusional to the fact that physical health is important All right, so now let's talk about the real issues So something that I mentioned in the video I will link above when I discussed lost connections the book about depression and the experiment I did Something that keeps coming up It keeps coming up because I think it's the most important thing is our screwed up value system And it's something that society has impressed upon us

    Ok, so throughout our lives We're always being told you know that we need to look a certain way We need to dress a certain way and all these different physical things and when that is embed in your head We start to look at our prioritization and we start to put you know, our looks our physical attributes and all these things at the very top of the list and you know, Unfortunately, that's why many people who are overweight or don't look the way they think they should unfortunately That's why they get quite depressed and I'm gonna touch on that in the second half of this video But I really want to focus on this value system of thinking that you know being a certain weight having certain physical attributes like big biceps or like legs You know things like that I want to discuss how these are Sometimes the wrong thing that we're chasing when it comes to our values like the reason why This is something that I feel like I need to address is because of this and I hate to be so blunt about it But it's just to give you some perspective and let you understand the depth and weight of what I'm talking about There are plenty people who commit suicide each and every year who have a 6-pack like think about that for a second and I just want to put it in perspective for you like I've got other videos about you know, success and happiness and you know, which one comes first and the reality is that A certain amount of weight having um, you know, different physical appearances all these things There was absolutely nothing guaranteed about your mental health when it comes with that So like I'll do more videos or like it's the same thing with like money, right? Like there's this idea that we've been led to believe that if you make a certain amount of money Then you'll be happy and we now know that's not true Like when the lead singer of Linkin Park committed suicide money same family people loved him You know what I mean? like we have to really start stepping back and checking in with our value systems and Something for anybody out there who is in shape? I really want you to pay attention to this video as well Because we need to start focusing on our mental health more as a society and like don't get me wrong Don't get it twisted There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a shape nothing wrong with it Like we should all be in shape We all need to take care of our bodies really take care of our minds our bodies our spirit all that stuff The problem comes from thinking that this certain body is going to make you happy So one of the reasons why this is an issue is typically because of the ideas that we have embed into our brains About what comes along with? Looking a certain way why like, for example, I'm going to attract better partners, you know that are looking women or better looking men Whatever your thing is, we get that idea that this is what we're going to get maybe the idea Is that if we look a certain way we're gonna get more respect from people right in some cases We may think that looking looking a certain way is going to help us get the job that we want, right? So at the end of the day when we talk about success for us happiness, even with those things, there's not guaranteed happiness Let's use a prime example and one that hits home close to me the idea that by Looking a certain way you're going to attract the person who is going to make you happy is not necessarily true For example, I have a friend right now This dude is a health nut Dude is eating healthy hits the gym really focused on his body But he's not focused on his mind and he is currently in one of the most emotionally Relationships I've ever seen his girlfriend is constantly beating him down over And over and over again all with her words, you know what I'm saying? so like all of the hard work that he's done on his body has attracted somebody who was emotionally Abusive, so where's the happiness in that and you know, he keeps going to the gym He keeps working on herself

    Now He's keeping this this figure You know, right that Attracted his girlfriend, but he's not happy You see what I'm saying? Like, I hope you're following me on this so just keep in mind like anybody out there who is overweight like I Don't want you to get into a situation where you think by losing all this weight You're gonna be happy

    I Know a lot of people who have gotten gastric bypass and things like that and don't get me wrong A lot of them are for health reasons But there are a lot of people who do it and think if I could only lose this weight Then I'd be happy right but then they go through all that trouble and then they realize that they're still not happy You know and we're constantly seeking the next thing that will fill that void that's always inside of us Like is it possible to be fat and happy like I like to think that I'm a real good example of that You know what? I mean? I am happy more often than I'm not and it's because I've gotten my priorities straight like my weight a lot of this weight was put on during my drug and alcohol addiction like about 200 pounds of em was put on and there's been a battle to take it off but I'm almost grateful that I've had the weight issues, you know over these years because it's helped me really learn how to love myself without having to Have a six-pack and big buff arms and stuff These are kind of buff like you see those can zoom in on that Alright, but you know what? I mean like I've learned to love myself and be okay, and I've learned that other people can love me too Even though I look this way and the main reason is and why I make this channel and make so many videos so many video Is because I want you all to learn that despite your circumstances, you can be happy so for any of you watching this if you're overweight like My goal was saying this thing is to give you hope I want you to know that it's possible to be overweight and be happy Once you get this thing right again again Physical health is extremely important because just like I said There's a lot of people with six pass who commit suicide Like there's a lot of people with great mental health who die from diabetes and heart attacks You don't say so like I said, I will make a more dedicated video on Maybe like just the struggles I've had with my weight and all the things I've tried and you know all sorts of stuff If you would like me to do that leave a comment down below, but anyways I'm gonna do a lot more videos on this just about our value systems cuz I just want you to sit back and start thinking I just want to get your wheels turning and have you just started thinking like why am I constantly seeking the next thing and How do I know that that is going to make me happy, you know what I'm saying? so like once we get our values in check, we're more likely to have you know, this kind of uh, Equilibrium of happiness and not all these ups and downs Alright, but Anyway, it's like I mentioned at the beginning of this video if you found that this video was beneficial if you think it would help Somebody that you know, please go share it share it on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram, whatever you got going on reddit I don't know what you kids are up to these days Share with some people and help other people start working on their mental health and being a lot happier Okay Anyways, thank you so much for watching

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