Boiling Milk – Tips & Tricks | Tamil Health Tips

Boiling Milk – Tips & Tricks | Tamil Health Tips The whole will be fresh only when we take coffee or tea in the morning Milk is the nutritious drink for small children and elders

Do we the boiling the milk in the correct way? No We reheat the milk when needed and it is a wrong habit In this video we are to share how to boil milk and how long it should be boiled We are using milk as it contains calcium and vitamins When we heat more than 2-3 minutes after it boils the Vitamin B in it is destroyed

We will not get the full nutrition if milk is reheated frequently Some people use cow's milk and it has harmful bacteria and viruses When it is boiled for a long time the bacteria and viruses are destroyed Most of us use packaged milk and as it is already purified there is no need to boil it for a long time Drink the milk immediately after boiling and avoid reheating of milk

People who use cow's milk boil it 8 – 10 minutes and take it off from the stove once it is boiled Keep on stirring with the ladle only then it will be heated in 100 degree and bacteria and viruses will be destroyed Packaged milk can be boiled for 6 – 8 minutes as bacteria are already destroyed There are many types of packaged milk and there is no need to boil it for a long time Any type of milk should not reheated for more than 2 times

Once you boil the milk, keep it in the fridge and use If you need coffee take the required amount of milk, heat and prepare coffee

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