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    Bize Yalan Söylediler – Koronavirüs, Çin Yemekleri, Irkçı Yunan Vekil (19. Bölüm)


    Hello there Last week's entire episode to Corona virus, spooky fake news about it we have separated, here is the link

    We have dealt with this issue in That Is Not It, will humanity end the epidemic? we asked, here is his link… But to scare people as if the situation was not enough irritating new fabricated news aiming to keep piling up… Obviously, until the virus is vaccinated, we will continue to be vaccinated Our first news is a video that is claimed to belong to an infant quarantined due to coronavirus It is suggested that he shows a baby who wants to hug the doctor on the other side of the glass Only one of his shares received close to 40 thousand likes and more than 5 thousand retweets It is really pathetic

    But the video first appeared on January 14, and no baby corona virus was detected on this date yet Corona virus was not detected in any baby Indeed, we look at the age ranges of the first 41 patients infected with the virus

    There are no children or babies among them The first news that a baby had corona virus was published on January 27 In another video, he got sick due to coronavirus With the nine-month-old baby, we can see that doctors are in the same room We also consulted the experts' opinion They stated that they had the impression that the baby in the video was undergoing cancer treatment

    Therefore, it is in quarantine because of the virus and hugs the doctor The video, which is claimed to show the baby who wants, is incorrectly associated The basis of the next news is a stunning photo Allegedly, in a large square, laid on the ground these people died from the coronavirus outbreak…

    The photography has been circulating not only in us but also in other countries with the same claim But this is also not true The photo is from 2014 From a memorial event held in Frankfurt The people who died in the Katzbach concentration camp, founded by the Nazis, are remembered

    This performance was organized by artist Margarete Rabow He has other photos: 528 people died in the camp We could say a lot of things to associate this commemoration with the corona virus But let's say politely “misrelation” and let the masterhood remain with us An internet proverb says, "If there is no Capsi, it is not experienced

    " I guess that's why it became popular to make sensational images striking rather than writing long scripts So it is said to us that there is a picture, believe it Like this The doctor who collapsed on the ground due to coronavirus during surgery He took his head on almost all social media platforms

    Yes, the doctor loves it But the reason is not corona virus Hunger and tiredness On the contrary, when we search for images, we get the truth of the news The doctor, who does not even have the opportunity to have breakfast from working hard, hypoglycemia and she fainted because of her tiredness

    It also writes in the news… Moreover, there is no data on the existence of the epidemic in that region on January 17, when the incident took place This is also incorrectly associated The claims of corona virus outbreak caused by food such as snakes and bats are very popular Accordingly, the main food source of all Chinese is wild animals Besides these claims, there is also an implication

    If you eat so disgusting things, you deserve an epidemic Let's talk a little bit about this First of all, this video that started everything… This is not China, but an island in the West Pacific Palau The event takes place in 2016 Wang Mengyun, a famous travel blogger, promotes local food in the region

    Bat soup is the local food of this island, not China Normally, when this happens, you can go after such claims racists can also be expected to shake But unfortunately it is not so So let's open this up a little bit For example, 1

    4 billion Chinese animals are constantly eating? No The most frequently consumed food in China is cereals, mostly rice, with 47 percent According to OECD data, meat consumption in China is no different from the rest of the world Unlike the common judgment on social media, like snakes and bats wild animal meat does not take a serious place in the diet of the Chinese people The main food in the north of China is wheat and vegetables

    Red meat and seafood are also consumed Mostly halal meals in the west where Muslims live Seafood with plenty of spice and sauce in the middle parts, seafood in the east parts In the south, which is the main subject of controversy, we see vegetables, tofu and rice as basic food But this is possible

    Wild animal consumption in the southern regions, where access to fattening is difficult and expensive it may be historically and relatively more common Observations confirm this But give me a bat soup from there, not the routine of the Chinese people Nevertheless, we said, let's ask one more person and we reached Vedat Milor Milor wild animals are actually used in traditional medicine making, He said that it has become a part of the culinary culture

    He gave the scorpion soup as an example For Bat, “It is also eaten in China but it cannot be said to be very popular He should look at places like Indonesia and Palau more for him ” In short, although the seafood market, where wild animals are sold as the source of the epidemic, is pointed out, It means that the Chinese always consume wild animals, It does not mean that they are completely different people In addition, many foods that are disgusting can be the main food source of a people

    Just like our chicken breast dessert or coquette can be disgusting to other societies Now they come out and say "23 Disgusting Turkish Foods You Prefer to Die Starving When You See It" for example if he makes a gallery, would it be nice? We don't think so Speaking of racism You know, Ioannis Lagos, a member of Greece's Golden Dawn Party, tore the Turkish flag Was this incident happening in the European Parliament while CHP's Selin Sayek Böke was in the hall? It is according to this sharing that comes to us as a notice

    Even the Greek deputy applauded Are we looking? Not The video added to the share does not match the date and the location is wrong After a little investigation, during the incident, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly We can see that he was in Strasbourg, France for his meeting The European Parliament is in Brussels… In summary, Böke made his speech before the flag was torn and made 450 kilometers away

    The claim is a distortion We continue on the same topic, but the CHP in this claim is changing In this sharing, “The deputy on the right of the priest who tears the Turkish flag You probably know the priest's left ” We know, of course, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu

    We even know the right of the priest: Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias Patriarch Bartolomeos said, Photograph of the minister taken during his visit to Istanbul on December 25, we can also see it on Imamoglu's Twitter accounts Let's put Lagos and Dendias next to each other and see how much they look like Yes, as you can see, we can say that the similarity is in the eyes A 'Special View' broadcast on NTV as well as Milliyet and Haber 7

    It showed what happened after the crash of the Pegasus Airlines plane at Sabiha Gökçen Airport on February 5, 2020 It showed what happened after the accident at Sabiha Gökçen Airport We see passengers trying to leave the plane in panic However, when we search on YouTube, we see that this image is not that special Moreover, considering the history, Sabiha Gökçen has nothing to do with the accident

    Video From the runway incident in Trabzon on January 13, 2018 It was broadcast on Youtube on January 14 and Show Haber on January 15 Not controlling not only on social media but also on mainstream media It is an example that we see that it has become a settled habit

    We're putting the video in the wrong association We tell you which claim is wrong and why we came up with it We are comfortable to share their professional secrets We even go a step further in this section, especially this corona virus from disinformation hurricane we will give you extra tips for your protection The origin of the coronavirus is made of Chinese wood, on the way to the original source, a huge language and alphabet in front of us wall is formed Our first assistant to jump over this Chinese wall is translation programs You can search for a word, sentence or claim after you first write it in English or Turkish and translate it into Chinese It increases our chances of achieving this result

    We recommend Google Translate Because the phone In the application, it can also translate the text on the image you get with the camera: When it comes to China, we think we have come to the end of the search engines we know At this point, using China's Baidu changes the game 1 billion people use Baidu, compared to 2 billion people using Google So we can find everything in Chinese here

    The search engine for the Bauhaus room is Sogou, Haosou also other popular Chinese search engines So how do we use it? Said Again, we translate the words we will search into the Chinese alphabet through Google translate We're searching in Baidu We can also use Baidu's map application for visual claims

    So what about social media? China's social media platforms are also different from the rest of the world We can see the emblem of Weibo, which we can call China's twitter, in most of these photos It is the 10th most widely used social media platform in the world If you visit Weibo from a desktop computer, a limited period of time can be sent to mobile applications If you use it, it is possible to reach older posts

    But for full capacity, a mobile phone number used in China is required Another platform that we can call the source of the claims spread from China is China's Whatsapp WeChat This program is important if you need to contact China If there's a video you suspect, you'd better search on China's three most common video platforms These are: Youku, Tencent and Haokan Baidu

    If you do your searches here, you can see if most of the videos are actually on the alleged date or not Because from these platforms, it is possible to reach almost every news and bulletin published on Chinese television Search for science even in China… We also gave you the search tools What more can we do?

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