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Applying an innovation framework to improve health in rural populations


♪♪ People that live in urban areas are not used to having to drive three or four hours to get to a doctor's appointment and in a lot of rural communities, that is truly still the issue In rural health theres a lot of stigma attached to accessing Medicaid, accessing food stamps

♪♪ Our work is really intended to benefit the over 19 million Michiganders who reside in rural areas, who we know dont have the same access to high quality care as others (Jeff) This group was brought here because of the Biosciences here at the University of Michigan The idea here is to really figure out very quickly what works and what doesnt work, and were going to be able to make decisions and get some of these ideas to scale (Chris) We cant do this with the old techniques that weve had we really need to bring the diverse team together in a powerful way to really push the exciting new advances forward

In this workshop we brought together a unique collection of individiuals from a variety of backgrounds Everyone is bringing in thoughts and ideas from a different segment that they work in, and when it all merges together it dovetails and you end up with a really good, strong product Theres a lot of opportunities where my expertise, which is in telehealth, could be helpful for that population (Shoshanna) We had two nurses in the group, who I think brought a really important on-the-ground perspecitve to our conversations My hope is that we can continue on after this workshop as a team and work together to really refine and develop our idea and actually, you know, seek to pilot it (Charlotte) Its a good use of their dollars to really listen to what other s in the community have to say, and I think theyre going to find some really viable research products out of it


Its very nice to be able to create some hope This is just the beginning, and thats the exciting part of this partnership (Jeff) This is the University of Michigan and their community having a positive and lasting impact on the State of Michigan, the state of healthcare, and the state of well-being in our world ♪

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