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    – Hello, my name is Lynne Thériault Sehgal RN BScN MN NP, and I'm a bilingual nurse practitioner located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and I offer secure video medical visits online Now there is a fee that does apply for these visits, and the fee is due after the appointment

    Now you can book the appointment by clicking the Book Now button, or just to simply view the appointments to see if it's convenient for you Now I offer about two to three clinic days a week, and the hours vary week by week Now, what's appropriate? It is for short-term medical issues that are simple that do not need a direct in-person physical exam Now, it is also for non-urgent medical issues Now, once you click on the Book Now button, you will view the appointments, and if you book one, then you will be triggered to fill out a pre-screening medical questionnaire to make sure it's appropriate, which I will then review and either accept or decline the appointment

    Now, these appointments are exclusively for Fredericton, and Oromocto and the surrounding area, thanks!

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