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    A to Z of Dog health care – What to Feed my Dog ?- Part 3 – Nutritious diet and Food Supplements


    Hi everyone, this is Dr Juliet

    Welcome to today's A to Z Dog Health Care Today we talk about what is a nutritious diet for my dog Well, this is a big question with a lot of answers and there's no perfect answer but I gonna give you my opinion about what I believe and what I experience on my clients what is a balanced nutritious diet You hear that I already used the word balanced balanced means that I offer a variety of ingredients I don't give every day or every week the same

    I change in between weeks, I can change in between days but the ingredients that you're gonna choose in your diet are really important Maybe before asking ourselves, does it has to be raw or does it has to be cooked we have to ask, "how is my dog", "what is my dog", "what is the constitution of my dog" Constitution, we also can talk about Prakruti, about Vata, Kapha and Pitta or we can call it however we want depending on any traditional medicine Any dog has a species-appropriate diet and any individual dog has different needs but one basic thing is that it has to be wholesome, the origin of the products have to be wholesome and best organic without any outside contamination of pesticides, herbicides This is maybe the biggest step you can do when you start preparing food for your dog Besides that I believe a dog is an omnivore and mainly carnivore they do they thrive on meat and bones and organ meat

    So in a diet it's not only about meat, the meat that we as humans would consume and it's also about organ meat – liver, kidney, lungs, brain, whatever In bones – raw bone, raw chewable bone, so they have the right amount of macronutrients also in their diet and if you cannot afford all of this by religion by belief anything like this, you'll see that there will be a change in the behavior and the health of your dog So if we talk about thriving to the best health for your dog, it needs to contain all these ingredients Ask your Vet for help with that, ask your Vet he's the one who will help you in composing a healthy balanced diet It's really important that it includes the right amount of macro nutrient source calcium and phosphor

    And if we cannot do that we have to provide the right supplements the vitamin supplements but also the mineral supplements So I could talk a lot about this and in my daily practice I have a lot of clients asking me what is best for their dog and I see them individually I will how to say advise them individually, depending on the exercise their dog do, depending on the age, depending on the, how do you say, the actual state of health Everything can be treated by food because food is medicine and medicine is food but first of all it has to be wholesome, organic, balanced Not always the same and containing the right ingredients Think about organs and think about bones but you have to know how much and everything like that

    But it was already an introduction about what is for me a balanced nutritious diet for your dog So hope this motivates you all out there to think about it and start in your kitchen to compose for your dog and for yourself a balanced nutritious diet Thank you for watching me Please subscribe to my channel, Dr Juliet Decaestecker and see you tomorrow for another video

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