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  1. TL:DR Find Gratitude. find love for your self. I know it's cliche. Accept where you are right now and move slowly from that point.

    As a surviver of my own attempt to take my own life I'd just like to put this out there… I know you don't feel like you even have the energy or even the desire to submit to accept help. It feels infanitly easier to just continue on a path of giving up. I attempted and failed two years past and since then I've taken the time to heal and recover from the mental, spiritual and physical damage. If I had to distil my recovery process down to one lesson it would be this… Be grateful for your own existence! I know you just shot that down. I would have back then too. Find some small thing to start with. Anything! just one thing. allow your self to feel grateful for that one thing. It's gonna suck at first because your mind is haunted by all the bad crap that has been your world while in the depressed state. Start to make it a pattern to find small little things you are grateful to have or experience. Stop feeding the dragon so to speak. I know that's going to be hard because in that depressed state you actually find a strange twisted pleasure in finding and recognizing the negative stuff. (I certainly did) After you get to the point were you habitualize this gratefulness thing stretch out a bit more and start looking for things you Love. Experience being grateful for loveing that thing,person,animal. You will slowly start to change your default moods and thoughts. Next find some activity you can do to take your mind out of that repeating spiral of thoughts that's been eating at you. Brake that mental pattern of dwelling on those thoughts that feel so deliciously dark and strangely rewarding to your mind with something constructive and distract your mind from reveling in that destructive patterned thought loop. Go for a walk. a hike. some sort of exercises so the body can experience what it's like to feel a little good for a few hours. The mind can follow the body to that place if you allow it to. You need to work toward healing your self and you do have the energy to do so even if you're damn sure you don't. Closing If you're to that point where nothing you or anybody else could do will stop your plans to leave this place dont do what I did! Do exactly the opposite and check your self in to a hospital and SUBMIT to some help! And I do mean submit. I didn't and I'm telling you it's a waste of your time and energy to resist help just because you don't really want help in the back of your mind. Humble your ego to accept the help you are being offered. I went the hard path and ended up with the damage I did to my self added onto the pile of stuff to dig thru.
    Accept the challenge of dealing with your own demons and carry thru to the end till they have lost power over you! Nobody else can do that task for you. I wasted a lot of time avoiding that too. hoping the phyc doctors would have some answer. They will help you by holding up a mirror. You must be utterly truthful with your self! Truth is the only way out of your mental hell. It's painful at times but it works. and finally don't discount meds. the meds can show you what it can feel like to be ok or happy. it's chemical happiness I know but after you've felt it you can call it up later more easily with out the pills so don't say no just because you hate the idea. I did too but they worked in my case.

  2. Thanks for this video Alex, Ive been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts since I was a kid & but Jehovah has kept me going, thanks for letting people know they’re not as alone as they feel

  3. I have had friends and family deal with mental health, as well as myself. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 3 years ago. I in a lot better mental space now, then what I was back then. My depression/anxiety is a part of me. But it does not own me

  4. I have depression and am recovering from it the best I can. My 14th birthday is July 29th. My family and I are financially unable to donate even though we support this with every piece of our hearts. Would you consider donating an extra $14 for my family? Thanks Alex!

  5. Using your power to do the right thing! So powerful that you are using your space to raise awareness for this serious cause! You should be so proud of yourself ! ❤️

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