A Hypochondriac’s Guide to Health | Curb Your Enthusiasm (2017) | HBO

You look fantastic Look at you

-Really? No -You never looked better in your life

Thank you WOMAN: Why are you here to see the doctor? I have a gerbil up my ass

I do have a tickle in my anus (CLEARING THROAT) I think I swallowed a pubic hair How is your vagina? Would you say my balls were unusually long? They're a bit more distended than the average testicles You got long ass balls, Larry Long Ball Larry You could put my colon up next to your colon, we'll see whose got a cleaner– I'll have a colon contest with you anytime– Anytime you want to have a colon contest, buddy! Do you know what Groat's Syndrome is? Isn't there a good Hodgkin's and a bad Hodgkin's? Have you been tested for Lyme disease? How do you know these things? (CHUCKLES) I'm a hypochondriac, so I'm aware of this stuff Are you aware of the fact that Michael J

Fox has Parkinson's disease? Oh, Jesus! What the hell?! Did you shake that up on purpose? Parkinson's Why don't you drive? 'Cause I have cancer? How does it affect your driving? That kidney transplant, it's– it's so unfair Well, if you were a little bigger celebrity, you would be on the top of the list I have a sickness in my brain you have a sickness in your mind

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