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7 Powerful Health Benefits of Cilantro Cilantro contains properties that can benefit our bodies in an effective and completely natural way Have you ever heard about the many benefits of cilantro? Also known as Chinese parsley, it is a plant with straight stems and green leaves

All of its parts are edible and therefore, it was already widely used by the ancient Egyptians However, its origin is uncertain This plant is considered to be native to the regions of north Africa and southern Europe In nature, it can be found white flowers when summer arrives It has a unique citrus scent in particular

The benefits of coriander can be gleaned from the richness of its nutrients  The most outstanding are the following: Zinc Calcium Iron

Phosphorus Vitamin A Vitamin B Potassium Magnesium

Vitamin C Vitamin K All these characteristics make cilantro a very powerful plant: stimulating, antispasmodic, diuretic, bactericidal, flavoring Ideal for fighting diseases such as diabetes,  salmonella, and many other infections caused by bacteria It is not only used to flavor dishes or to give them a decorative touch

It is also used in digestive drinks, cocktails with liquor and even in perfumes 7 powerful benefits of coriander Fighting cholesterol One of the most significant benefits of cilantro is that it is capable of combating high cholesterol levels since it contains polyphenolic antioxidant flavonoids such as quercetin, kaempferol, ramnetin and epinephrine Not only can these acids markedly reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the inner walls of the arteries, also:

They detoxify the blood And, they purify the blood vessels Also, they keep the heart in good condition They prevent strokes What’s more, they promote the circulation of blood around the whole body

They reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases Ideal for diabetics The properties found in cilantro, especially fresh leaves and stems, help control any type of diabetes, and this is because this plant helps stimulate the pancreas, which ends up causing: Less sensitivity to insulin Higher insulin production

Improvement of the functions of insulin in the body Decreased absorption of sugar into the blood Regulation of blood glucose levels Slimming So, among other wonderful benefits, it is a powerful diuretic that allows for:

Purifying the body Stopping fluid retention Discarding waste easily Eliminating toxins and heavy metals Keeping the body satiated for longer periods

Absorbing the necessary vitamins and nutrients more easily Preventing gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and diarrhea All of these benefits notably favor rapid and effective weightloss in people who eat cilantro frequently Combating salmonella Basically,  salmonella is a infection that produces the set of bacteria that are acquired by the consumption of raw or unwashed foods

However, it can also be transmitted by pets, especially reptiles such as snakes, turtles and lizards Most common symptoms: Fever Fatigue Diarrhea

Sickness Vomiting Headache Loss of appetite Abdominal cramps

Muscle aches throughout the body However, this plant contains antibiotic properties capable of easily combating this condition It is able to break the bacterium’s membrane of salmonellosis, which interrupts its growth, and, as a result, it weakens and dies For this reason, many people caring for a patient with salmonella choose to prepare broths or soups with cilantro Just make sure the leaves are fresh and well washed

Combat halitosis Like mint and peppermint, cilantro is able to combat bad breath(halitosis) Also, it aids other problems in the mouth such as: canker sores, ulcers and sores But, how does it do this? First, its antibacterial properties help eliminate the agents that produce uncomfortable conditions A natural anti-inflammatory

Another of the benefits of cilantro is that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory  This is because it is a plant rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants that help fight conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, as it quickly and naturally relieves inflammation in the joints Help fighting the flu Cilantro has antibacterial properties Additionally, it has a high content of vitamin A and C

So, the benefits of cilantro include expectorant properties Basically, it’s ideal for combating colds and the flu One of the countries where cilantro is most commonly used is Venezuela For Venezuelans, cilantro is an essential ingredient in their cuisine and their herbalists