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3 Quick Healthy Drink Recipes


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3 Quick Healthy Drink Recipes
Whether you’re trying get greens into your diet, add protein to your day or even if you’re doing a Juice cleanse, these three drink recipes can help you get healthy this year.
I’ll be sharing my protein shake, green smoothie and even green juice recipes using a blender, so let’s get into the first drink.

Protein Smoothie:
-Ripe Banana
-Egg/ Or Protein…..(read more)


  1. Just tried the green smoothie!! It's so delicious. I will be trying the green juice next.

    I've been lacking nutrients for years now, and the ones that I need are in these ingredients. Thank you Benji! This was such an easy way to get me into having my fruits and veggies.

  2. Hi everyone!! I would love it if you check out my Poshmark closet as well as my friend’s: @cindy6110_ & @wendym_
    I’m trying to make room in my closet and would love if you stop by!!

  3. Awesome! Do you have a green juice recipe using a juicer instead of a blender? We just got a juicer for Christmas and would love to try some new green recipes!

  4. Hey benji could you please make some budget healthy dinner recipes for a family, I always struggle on what I should make for my hubby and toddler

  5. Hi Benji, I finally got a blendtec blender and wondering what settings you use for the smoothie and the green juice, also do you add any blend time? Thanks!!

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