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    #2020 Reviewing your health and safety data


    Health and Safety Data – does your business review its health and safety data on a regular basis? All businesses review their financials every month, and of course, every year, so why not consider health and safety as part of that data review for your business? But more importantly, for the improvement of the business? One particular area to consider is accidents, near misses, the incidents that occurring your business Is it happening with the same people? Is it happening in the same location? Is it happening with the same equipment? What time of the day is it happening? What time of the week is it happening? All this data is important if it's used correctly, but more importantly, if you take the time to drill into it, to establish what is causing accidents in your business

    Because at the end of the day, it's it's the accidents that are costing you money and time, downtime, waste of product, etc So why not use them to lower the risk to your business to stop those preventable incidents or accidents from happening, and then adding more to the bottom line of your business? The analysis of your health and safety data and especially with accidents doesn't take that much time But it will be time well spent, because what it could do is add those extra dollars to the bottom line of your business with the reduction of accidents, wasted product, downtime, and of course, accidents!

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