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    16 Best Free Mental Health Apps (2019)


    Hi! Today I'm gonna be talking about 16 Mental health apps that you can use in 2019 I recommend the Android equivalent of  the ones available only on IOS

    Most of them are free, but some may have in-app purchases which are optional I'm always looking to try new apps to find the one that works for me so Im sharing my opinion after using these apps for about 3-4 months These apps can help you reduce stress & anxiety, it can help cure insomnia or calm you down during panic attacks All in all, these can come handy especially when you can’t afford a therapy session or when you’re unable to find the right therapist for yourself or if you want to become your own therapist over time SO, LET'S GET STARTED #Intro Logo Hi, I'm Sweta

    Curiosity Calling is about personal growth, self development & lifelong learning, if you're interested in these topics, please subscribe and hit the bell icon so you get notified for weekly uploads 1 Youper (IOS + ANDROID) This is an app to track your mood that gives you an entire data of your feelings You can choose to see a weekly, monthly or yearly statistics This app is your emotional health assistant that can guide you to understand your emotional state and uncover why you’ve been feeling a certain way

    You can express your emotions by having conversations that gets recorded in the form of a journal It then recommends a suitable meditation for you I really like the change in the look with the recent update One great feature of this app is this health section where you can monitor your anxiety, depression or any disorder that you may have You’ll be reminded to do this on a monthly basis

    You can take a this test which gives you a detailed knowledge about your personality and the science behind it 2 Breathe (IOS + ANDROID) This is a similar app where you can add your physical and mental feelings separately It reminds you to breathe for 10 seconds before you log in these data You can skip this step though

    You then get to add how felt throughout your day – you can only choose 5 emotions for this step Then it suggests some meditation accordingly These meditation sessions are less than 10 minutes Some are premium and some are free Just like youper, you can have a conversion here as well

    I really like the artsy images and videos that is shared for daily inspiration and tips I find the design of the progress section visually appealing You get these cute stickers as incentives And You can see your top emotions and total meditating time as well It has such a colourful interface

    The drawback with this app is the journaling which requires a subscription 3 Remente (IOS + ANDROID) This app lets you track your mood, note down your thoughts, add photos and set goals as well What I love about this app is that it lets you rate your overall life on a scale of 1-10, in the areas of relationships, health, career, personal development, family, social life, recreation and finances You can then focus on the area you want and bring changes to that part of your life

    However, here are some drawbacks to be mentioned After using this app for a few months, I went to check my statistics but it required a premium membership to access my progress beyond 3 days Plus, none of these resources are free 4 Fabulous (IOS + ANDROID) Next is one of the most beautiful apps I’ve ever used

    If you’re looking to set a new habit but have a difficult time being consistent, this app can be extremely helpful Although, I deleted it after utilising the free version so I had to restart my journey You can only back up your progress if you’ve made an account, which I did not So you begin with setting up a journey towards building a habit which is divided into small steps you are supposed take everyday On the home page, you can see the list of all the habits within your morning/afternoon/night routine

    You can add or remove the habits you want This app has some very soothing sounds When you click this fabulous moment, you can hear these sounds and also take further steps like adding a journal entry or choosing a meditation As your journey progresses, you can see your success rate and insights in the coaching section in a calendar format This middle icon is for choosing a challenge or a fabulous session

    You can select a challenge or let this digital coach do it for you The fabulous session contains audios for workouts, meditation, or if you’d like to focus and increase your productivity or take a power nap One of the best features of this app is, you can get a friend to join you on this journey Isn’t this a fun way to adopt a better lifestyle? Im not using this app anymore because it’s pretty easy for me to build habits and follow my routine on a daily basis So once I was done using the free parts, I uninstalled it

    But this is definitely one of the apps I don’t mind paying for incase I need it again in future 5 Reflectly (IOS + ANDROID) This is your go to digital journal You can add your everyday entries by selecting one of these moods, then the factors that is making you feel that way and then you get to note your thoughts in this space After this step, you get to choose how you’ve been feeling overall, and one of my favourite things about this app is the daily prompts

    You can end your journal with a title and changing the main image if you want or by adding additional images to an entry You can search for your stories by choosing a filter But the only problem is you need to be a premium member to go through your progress This tab shows your achievements but I hardly come here 6

    Gratitude (IOS + ANDROID) This is great app to note your affirmations or things you are grateful for You can add one image to each of these entries You can also dedicate a letter of gratitude to someone You can set up a reminder for daily quotes as well You search for you entries here and this has a calendar view of your progress

    It’s Pretty simple yet powerful 7 Motivate (IOS) / Motivation (IOS + ANDROID) This app is not available on Android so the alternative app could be Motivation which is on IOS as well Let’s talk about motivate first As the name suggests, this app keeps you motivated by recommending 5 new motivational videos everyday

    It also notifies you with an uplifting quote The option to go through additional videos or audios need a pro account but I really love this app because some days when you aren’t at your best, it reminds you with an inspirational quote that it’s going to be alright Motivation is similar but it only notifies you with a quote The video or audio feature is not available on this app I hardly find time to go through the videos, so personally I would choose this one over motivate

    Now I’ll share some of the meditation apps that I love I highly recommend Headspace (IOS + ANDROID) for all the beginners out there, it’s my absolute favourite but it’s limited to few audios so once you’re done with the free version, you can switch to some of these apps I’ll be talking about 8 Simple habit (IOS + ANDROID) An excellent app to inculcate the habit of meditation into your busy life It consists of many free audios that you can use during any time of the day to meditate

    You can either choose a specific topic or pick one from here One useful feature is the option to download these audios offline This is where your progress is tracked And this is where you can get a friend to join you if you want 9

    Oak (IOS + ANDROID) The soothing colour tones of this app is aesthetically pleasing The home page has the free meditation sessions which are limited but you can set the duration to as long as 30 minutes The breathing sessions are useful for calming your nerves And there’s no restriction on the duration of the sleep sessions One nice feature is the background sounds that you can add

    Your progress is recorded here and you receive a badge as you complete your sessions In my opinion, this is an app that I wouldn’t recommend so much for the beginners because when you’re starting off with building a regular habit, these limited sessions can become monotonous 10 Primed Mind (IOS + ANDROID) I absolutely love the colour combination of this app The sessions here can be chosen depending on your goals

    Most of the courses are paid but the free ones are powerful enough for you to begin transforming your mindset The home page shows recommendation and the me page shows the statistics of your progress Now let’s get to the apps that are specifically designed to help you get a better sleep 11 Relax Melodies (IOS + ANDROID) This app contains numerous relaxing sounds that you can mix with or without the binaural beats or isochronic tones

    Only a few audio sessions are free so this app is good enough for those who have an overactive mind and would like to numb their thoughts during meditation or while falling asleep to some soothing sounds 12 Slumber (IOS) Sleepo OR Sleep Sounds (ANDROID) The alternative apps to this could be Sleepo or Sleep Sounds for android Slumber has some of the best audios for falling asleep that I have come across The library contains a collection of sleep meditations, stories and sounds

    You can add a background sound to these and also choose it’s duration for up to 10 hours A storage space of 517 gb is available for you to download these audios offline Some of these audios are paid but the free ones are quite effective 13

    Sleep Orbit (IOS + ANDROID) If you’re into ASMR, this is a superb app for you Create a mix of sounds from these categories and adjust the volumes of each sound to your preference And if you don’t want these to revolve, you can tap and select to hold its position The voices are available in 5 languages The player timer limits to 4 hours only but I’m sure the calming sounds will make you fall asleep within minutes

    Now I’ll be sharing some apps with digital tools to help you follow healthy practices relating to law of attraction 14 HHVB (IOS) Vision Board OR My Vision Board (ANDROID) Hay house vision board is only available in IOS so Vision Board or My Vision board are alternative options for android This is an app you can use to create a visual representation of your goals and dreams Add your goals separately or design a board by including texts + photos + stickers & voice memos

    You have a choice to change the background & the layout There’s a make a meme option too My favourite feature is this collection of various affirmations This app lets you design more than one vision board and once you’re done, you can watch a slideshow of the final output 15

    LOA Toolbox (IOS) Law of Attraction Space OR Best Law of attraction app (ANDROID) Two alternatives for android are Law of Attraction Space and Best Law of attraction This app comprises a complete set of action one can take to successfully alter their thinking patterns to manifest their dream life one step at a time Although it does come with certain limitations like 2 games and exercises once per day for users who have a free version The tools consists of affirmations, prompts and some activities that will help you visualise your ideal life 16

    Attraction (IOS) Law of Attraction Daily (ANDROID) The android alternative is Law of Attraction Daily To implement law of attraction in your life successfully, create a list of wishes using this app It offers you some tips you can use to fulfil your desires You are free to insert your own wishes in this section or choose one from these built-in categories After you’re done with making a list, take some time to visualise these wishes like you already have it

    Because that is the most important step you can take towards designing your life consciously #Outro Having said that, I hope these apps can help you achieve all the happiness and success in life Let me know which ones will you be using and share your experiences if you’ve used any of these previously If you would like to recommend any other app that can be helpful to others, please do comment below Thank you for watching, give a thumbs up if you liked this video, subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified for a weekly content and for a daily inspiration you can follow me on instagram and twitter where I post all things happy & positive

    See you next week 🙂

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