【MEDICAL CHECK-UP!!】 Results Reveal 2018!!! [Health & Mukbang] [CC Available]|Yuka Kinoshita

Hello it's Kinoshita Yuka ( English subtitles by ~Aphexx~ ) So today I wanna talk about the T-shirt I'm wearing and how it relates to my health as well and I've been thinkin' that I'd wear this shirt whenever I talk about matters that deal with my health And so

what are we gonna be talking about? tadaa Results of my health check up and so I'm getting old AF am I ok eating like this all the time? "you gonna die" is what a lot of people tell me in the comment sections And just recently I started to exercise a bit more in order to keep me eating as I do And so I walk at least 30 minutes every day and when I tell people this the usual reaction is them thinking that I've adopted an exercise plan for old geezers I love going on walks and I'm not much of a gym rat but well

when I was in China I made use of the gym in my hotel I get lost so easily so I was afraid to walk around over there while I'm back here at home I try to take my daily walks A N D keep eating like I do all the time well I've been thinking about taking a day off every week or so well anyways that's a matter for another time I keep on getting all flood of comments asking whether I just gave up on my diet plan I DID NOT GIVE UP ON MY D I E T I didn't change how much I've eaten at all I know I've said it so many times over and over again but in order to not change how much I eat and keep on with my eating career I've added a bit of exercise and so these results have its been a month since I took it and well I dunno if this pertains to my diet or not but anyways my results came BACK !!!! and so

what will the results of my health check be tadaa all A's physical measurements A Blood pressure A Hearing test A Respiratory examination A Cardiovascular system A Blood test A Infectious disease test A sugar/metabolism test A lipid/metabolism test A liver gall bladder liver liv whuh? liver gall bladder pancreas A kidney: urinary tract A results of the consultation all A's Y'all TYVM My body is in top health I was so hyped when I saw the results ALL A's never seen any 5's show up on these tables and so the results state that with all A's I'm in good health and the overall diagnosis regarding the results we believe the patient to be in good health when I took these tests I went the previous night without any sleep at all And when they took my blood pressure it was soo low I was pretty worried that it would skew the results of my blood pressure And thankfully I passed with flying colors I'mm a go celebrate and eat ALL THE THINGS jokes jokes Anyways living the way I do I manage to keep my all A's in regards to my health And there are some people out there who don't eat like I do and watching what they eat and still not get A's in their health report I gotta thank my mom for blessing me with this super healthy body that I have and I totes love eating and I'm giving it my all to keep eating the way I do taking my daily walks and such but I kinda do it because I love walking around and since my health results from last year were all A's that means I got A's from the way I lived last year and well I might rethink my life a bit if I got some less than stellar results but we'll think about that another day because I'm currently in top form I want to really thank all you guys who have been worrying about me please, be at ease now and lately if things are within an hours walk I make sure I walk to my destinations and for those busy days that I couldn't get my walk in I squeeze that walk in at night at least a 30 minute walk walking is so fun Y'all I do have a route that I like to take all the time And sometimes there are big birds that I get to see and sometimes I meet some cats Every walk is always so different and fun and during rainy days I do my step machine exercise while watching movies and such and so I think I have some extra time so I'll talk about another subject here I received some tickets to this musical called 1789 This was my first time ever seeing a musical IT WAS AMAZING I was so moved movies are good and all but to see a performance live its just on another level actors are so amazing I thought their voices were so exquisite with such great acting and so pretty and cool I keep on wondering how they can move around like that and not get out of breath I totes loved all of it I got to take some pics with these people they were such nice people they were so handsome inside and out they were just blessed so much it was so embarrassing getting a pic taken with them I kept feeling like the portly pig standing next to these fabulously handsome guys well

anyways it was so wonderful they were one a bit of a hiatus after I saw them and it seems as though they are making some appearances in osaka and fukuoka and Keiko the person I went to see this with was saying she wanted to see them in those cities as well again osaka and fukuoka are such fun places filled with such yummy foods to eat I love going on vaycay well anyways I talked about a lot of things today and so anyways I wanted to tell you the results of my health checkup and so to look after my health I won't be doing any eating today sorry peeps TYVM to all the people who worried about my health I'll do my best to stay healthy well its for my own reasons YES but if it might be for you guys as well that would make me happy I'm so happy to have all of you who love the way I eat and so todays vid will be something like this And as always thank you for watching if there is anything you Wants me to do or eat please tell me in the comments section below if you like this video please hit the like And subscribe BAI BAI and for all you guys chirping in the comment section about me quitting my diet please stop it I'm taking my walks so its ok Y'all you may have noticed that my voice was a bit raspy today and the reason for it is that its 8 am right now I haven't gotten any sleep just yet I was taken to see a musical and ate and drank so much with my friends and haven't gone to bed yet so thats why my voice is so raspy right now alrighty Bye again