Zadar, Croatia: Forum, Hidden Church & More Food! | Croatia Vlog | Day 5

[Music] Previously in this Croatia travel series we showed you parts of the old town of Zadar, admiring the unique installations, exploring beautiful squares, swimming in the shimmering waters of the City Beach, and of course going on some memorable day trips In this episode, our final day in Zadar, we visit the remaining attractions that we've not yet had the chance to see, take in some amazing views, and of course eat more delicious Croatian food

It's our last day in Croatia I don't want to go home, I love it here, I love Zadar BUT our flight home isn't until 10 pm so we have got a full day to do all the things that we haven't actually done yet

So what's first? We're gonna go to the forum area and climb the bell tower! Also for breakfast we've been eating these things, they are so good, they're mini croissants that are stuffed with something that tastes a little bit like Nutella, some sort of chocolate spread, and they're really cheap from the supermarket they're about six Kuna [Music] This whole area here is the Roman Forum We have walked through here quite a bit already but we haven't actually come into it or gone into any of the buildings yet So this one in front of me I'm not sure you pronounce it but that's St Donatus church, we're not going there in a moment Over to the left is the pillar of shame and this is where when people used to commit crimes they used to get chained to it just as a form of public humiliation and then over to the right is the Roman ruins and what's pretty cool about these is they're not roped off or anything you can just walk through them, they're just there in the middle of the city, it's really cool

And back there over in the background, there is the bell tower which we're gonna go climb up [Music] Once you've climbed the 180 steps to the top of the bell tower you're rewarded with panoramic views over the city of Zadar These views are definitely worth 15 Kuna [Music] Next we're gonna head over there into St Donatus Church, Looking all the stonework underneath seems to be like a mix of odd bits and pieces like these bits I think are sections of like fluted columns it just seems a bit strange that it's off it looks like it's been built on top of all this our old stonework what this old stone works being slightly pushed underneath there some point yeah did I it's just a little bit yeah what's the hole ha maybe when we go inside it will give us some more details about that sort of thing [Music] The church of St Donatus is a circular pre Romanesque Church that dates back to the 9th century Whilst it is no longer used for religious services it now sometimes acts as a concert venue due to its excellent acoustics We've just been around the Church of St Donatus, we picked up a leaflet on the way in and the leaflet does talk about the exposed foundations around the bottom It turns out the church is built on various bits of ruins so that explains that the bits of fluted columns

It does also say in the leaflet that there is a sacrificial altar somewhere around it all so that's good to know! [Music] This market was all closed down the other day when we walked past it and it's open now so we can go and have a look! Next up is People's Square The lively people's square is surrounded by ancient buildings and contains a selection of bars and cafes where you can sit back and enjoy the surroundings After reading about it on a blog we found this tiny hidden church that's through a cafe on people's square There's a little information sheet here inside the church which says it's a well preserved pre Romanesque Church of Saint Lawrence with an atrium It's the oldest preserved building dating back from the 11th century it can be visited from behind the cafe bar a sveti Lovre

It's really small but it's pretty cool to say that it's just this tiny little Church that's at a back of a cafe [Music] The place we wanted to go for lunch is closed so just come for a little bit of a sit down in the park to decide what we're going to do, but we did notice on the way here that the place that we went to for dinner the other day looks like it's open and serving lunch and we're really tempted to go back there because the meal that I had for my appetizer it was my favorite thing that I've had so far this trip and Aaron had some serious food envy going on while I was eating itit was just so good! Yeah I think I'm pretty set on going back just to eat a load of tuna Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what we're going to do it we're going to probably sit in this park for a bit and pretend that we're going to be adventurous and do something else and in reality we both know I'm just going to go back there [Music] This right here, this is is what we came back for, and this is the good stuff

For main I'm going to get the hand rolled pasta with scampi and Aaron is getting the black risotto which is what I had yesterday This is what we've been waiting, for this is the one that we've come back for Are you happy now? My pasta looks so good because it's hand rolled is really fat, it looks great, I can't wait to eat it [Music] yeah the tuna tartare was everything I dreamed of and more yep, and then the black risotto which is cuttlefish risotto and cuttlefish ink, amongst probably other things, really good the actual risotto was really nice lots of cuttlefish, really soft, really tender, not at all rubbery and yeah it's really good The pasta was really nice it was thick and well cooked and the pasta sauce was very fresh tomato and wine in herbs, and there was lots of little pieces of scampi in thereit was really really good, although my favorite thing that I've eaten so far is still the tuna tartare which was just so great [Music] Next we're going to go into a garden bar for a drink it looks really pretty it looks like the seats are really really comfortable and it's by the water so it's got really pretty views and there's lots and lots of plants so it should be quite shady and a really nice place to sit [Music] What have you got? The IPA Which is a standard IPA, a strong one, It's going down a treat I've got the blue lagoon, which is vodka lemon, blue curacao, sprite, lemon and sour mix very lemony obviously good Those beds overlooking the sea look amazing but I think I just fall asleep if I was one one of those right now [Music] last visit to the sea organ Bye sea organ you've been great I don't know whether I'll have captured any audio of the sea organ because it was really windy but that actually was really good thing because it meant that the way is really big which means that the organ was even louder Holiday is nearly over I don't want to go home, I've had a really nice time what's the new favorite thing here well on the whole trip, not just Zadar? Krka waterfalls was amazing swimming in them was really fun yeah it was quite fun like clambering over the other really polished limestone deposits that were there and then after swimming in the waterfall it's really relaxing to dry off really quickly and it was scorching hot and then we did the wander around the rest of the park so were saw lots of insect things, frogs, that's quite interesting

Got to take some photos of the waterfalls which obviously I was going to enjoy yeah yeah how about you – the sunsets on Zadar, they're definitely my favorite thing I particularly enjoyed the two times where we went and watched them from the jetty this is such a nice atmosphere like there's loads and loads of people people playing music people like having food at picnics and like drinks and stuff I'm the first time actually a lot of people applauded when the Sun set which was very strange never experienced that before but it was actually really nice you know all the colors are amazing when we went to think about luggage the lady gave me this little magnet and just let goodbye by saying have a nice life it made me so happy inside same time we opted to catch the bus from the old town to Zadar Airport a journey which only takes around 20 minutes thank you for watching our Croatia travel series, we hope we have helped give you some ideas for your future trip planning we do still have one more video on Zadar coming up so if you're considering a trip to Croatia this may be of interest to you Over the next few weeks we'll also have content from Greece followed by a probably much larger series from our upcoming trip to Florida If you would like to see more of our travel content and would like to support our little channel please consider subscribing thanks again for watching our last day in Croatia