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    This video was made possible by Trade And these are the meats I'm gonna be using for today's experiment

    They are whole ribeye loins But each one of them is a different grading, we have prime premium and choice In order to find out which one is best to dry-age I'm going to be cutting them in half That way we can taste one fresh and the other one dry aged And this one is the choice grade

    As expected there's not a lot of marbling which is their little white spots throughout the meat You can still see a little bit but nothing like a higher grade And here we have premium USDA does not recognize this grading in its eyes it's still choice, but you can clearly see the difference the intramuscular fat is way better And sometimes when I buy premium I get really lucky, and today is one of those days

    And this is prime, as I'm cutting it open you can clearly see the difference The outer fat is much larger than the premium one and it's also very white a sign that it was grain fed for more days However the intramuscular fat is very similar to the premium so you have a better comparison here's what they look side by side We got prime on the left, premium in the middle and choice on the right This is the UMAI Dry age system and what it does it allows you to dry aged at home without any special equipment

    The kit comes with this membrane which looks like a plastic bag and the difference between a regular bag is that it allows moisture to escape without allowing anything bad to get back in It basically allows you to dry aged at home in your regular refrigerator just by putting it there and let it sit The next step is pretty straightforward all you have to do is put it in the membrane One of the things a lot of people make mistake on is drying the meat You don't want to pat it dry because if you do you won't have a nice contact with the membrane

    If your meat is already dry one thing you can do is use regular water You don't have to be worried because the water will evaporate And as always it is important to keep everything clean So by using gloves all you have to do is rub a little bit of cold water, this will ensure that the meat have great contact The next thing to do is to use this fabric which allows you to suck all the air out

    If you don't have a vacuum sealer you can also use the water displacement method That works great but since I have a vacuum sealer I'm better off using it One thing that you have to remember is that does not matter what you do you will not be able to suck all the air out, and that's okay As long as the membrane have good contact with the meat you're good to go It is important to have good circulation throughout the whole thing

    You don't want to stack them on top of each other And to make sure the bottom gets air I'm using these cooling racks But now that I have all of them ready there's nothing else to do but put them on my regular refrigerator and wait 35 days Once the 35 days were up I quickly remove them from the refrigerator and open up the bag As you can see the membrane did it's job and it dry aged perfectly

    I've gotten comments before asking me if you can reuse it and that will be a no But after removing every single one from the membrane this is what they look like And here we have the prime You can clearly see that the fat still a little bit white And this is the premium

    The intramuscular fat on this one is awesome And lastly we have the choice I'm having high hopes for choice because dry aged actually tenderizes the meat But there's only one way to find out if it's good and that is to try it So here's an advice I'm gonna give you this fat right here is great for burgers

    If you want to add a unique flavor of dry-aged to your burger adding fat is the perfect way So what I like to do is to remove this big chunk and use for many things It is also great for chillies And by cooking it as a steak it would just be a waste So I like to remove all of them and save

    The next thing to do is to open it up And here we have the prime And that looks amazing! And this is the premium Wow! To me it looks way better than the prime What do you think? And lastly we have the choice

    It seems to me that it got a little better And here's what they all look like next to each other Then I cut them into steaks I like them to be one and a half inches thick One thing you have to remember is that it is okay to freeze dry-aged

    If you do it properly it will be as good as day one, the most important thing on preserving its quality is a vacuum sealer You don't want to put them in ziplock bags, over time you will get freezer burn and just be terrible And I have stored them for quite some time, but good luck with that they won't last that long Now to finish off our experiment these are the three I'm gonna be using today To me they look perfect and exactly what I'm looking for when dry aging steaks

    The next thing to do is to remove the outer layer which is also called pellicles People always ask me do you really have to remove that? Yes, you do! They don't taste good They go well on a chili but besides that no And if you want to see a dry aged chili recipe let me know in the comments below I'm gonna make it happen And once I was done trimming here we have both of them the fresh and the dry aged ones

    We got the dry aged on the top and the fresh ones on the bottom You can now clearly see the differences between them The dry aged has shrunk quite a bit And this is the prime And here we have the premium it has also shrunk and the dry aged feels way more tender than the fresh

    And lastly we have the choice As expected it has also reduced in size But now that we have everything ready all there's left to do is to season them I kept the seasoning simple with salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder It is important to season all sides including the edges

    These are thick steaks and you want to make sure you season them well But now that I have all of my steaks ready the first thing I'm going to do is put a nice beautiful sear on them Then using my wireless thermometer I'm going to cook them in indirect heat until I reach an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit Once that's done we'll be ready to try them Before cooking these amazing steaks I want to talk to you about today's sponsor Trade

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    And by the way free shipping included Thanks Trade for sponsoring this video but now I say like I always do, it is enough talking and it is time to cook those beautiful steaks so let's do it All right everybody we have a beautiful buffet of steaks here today huh There's a lot more people behind the camera but we brought these two guys here so they can try it This is Leo, if you guys don't know

    You already know my nephew Angel I say enough talking because we got a lot of things to eat Yeah? Yeah we don't want to get the last ones too cold you know All right so here's the deal That I want to know from you guys all right

    These steaks are exactly the same, and so are these and these as well Okay So we're comparing A to B, A to B, A to B And I want to know your opinion which one you guys like best Sounds like a plan? Visually I'm getting ideas

    You getting ideas oh boy here you go Alright let's start right here in this direction Go for it! First one nice and thin so we can really taste the steak cheers everybody Cheers Oh wow I already went in my bad

    Oh that's a nice steak That's really good It's a Guga steak that's all you have to say about that nothing else All right second one we're gonna do this together and we're gonna find out if there's any difference from that one Cheers everybody! Um-huh

    Oh wow Oh there's a difference That's dry age right there C'mon! That's what dry age is? Wow ike it's a huge difference I can taste it that's awesome How do you know it's dry egg boy? Welcome to the Angel show I can just tell now

    It's a little bit smaller so like I already had like the idea because I saw it and then the taste just gave it away Yeah it has a nice little nutty flavor towards the end you could tell right away this one was only dry aged for 35 days Have you ever had dry aged? Never in my life It's a little different right It's a completely different 100%

    Which one you like better Leo? A or B? B by far By far All right so it's a big jump? Yes Welcome to the dry age world Right the dry age world on the Angel show

    On the Angel show Alright enough talking let's go for the second one Go for it You guys don't play and I like it like that You're gonna get double Leo go for it

    Leo don't cheers Leo is ready Cheers everybody! My bad! That's delicious though Mmm Wow I love steak

    I love steak too Now, the dry aged The dry ageYou see where we're going here already ah This is the Angel show yes

    the Angel show Second steak let's give it a try and see how it tastes Cheers everybody Whoa Oh boy

    Wow! Now I can tell that that's, that's dry age That's good That's good, wow That is a huge jump right there for me I gotta say it even got ya got softer

    It got softer, a little umami tastes, a little nutty flavor, it is amazing The fat renders in your mouth a lot better It has a better bite it's an overall better steak Agree? If we're going like this is the baseline Mm-hmm

    And then we're trying to judge this one One to five Go! That was a five jump Yeah I agree with Angel That was full

    That was really good That was crazy That was so good that would say was five and a half We are breaking scales I guess

    No, no, no we are not breaking I guess I'm lowballing again Even though I went to the max this time No, no, no, no Last one

    Cheers everybody Cheers! Whooo I like that Oh man I'm vibing with that That ridiculously amazing

    Hmm That's what in my mind what a Guga steak is That's crazy that's really really good That one probably has the most fat For real? That's right

    Oh wow That's damn delicious Was that what it was really? Yeah Let's go! I'm a beast That one does have the most fat

    Ok that was incredible not much to say it is fantastic steak Okay let's go Ready? Oh my god it's falling apart I didn't mean to but I just had to Oh you got a double

    Look at my cap just falling apart Alright ready I didn't mean to You didn't mean to get double huh I understand that

    Let's cheers I'm hungry Leo is ready to go, last one cheers everybody Oh my God! Yeah across the board C'mon Guga you gotta throw them tens up That's crazy oh my God

    You just go from like it's almost wagyu texture It's just so extremely tender The flavor is ridiculous It's just an overall amazing steak Okay so here's the deal guys these are choice

    These are premium and here we have prime So so Guga I'm sorry well what exactly does that mean? Cuz I'm a little bit of a caveman so I don't really know No no worries So choice grade means that it's like a lower grade, cost less, has less fat in the middle in between an intramuscular fat you know This has a little bit more fat

    It is as a matter of fact choice and premium is the same thing but USDA doesn't recognize it but can you recognize how much more better this stake here is than this one here and I mean Cearly That's why you know on some places they call it premium because it's so much more superior than choice And then the last one is prime because there's a lot of fat it's amazing it's the best thing in the world 100% that was insane how different that was

    This is what happened is that Leo forgot what stake was Yeah because he's been sticking to chicken lately If you haven't seen the video that Leo was on go check out How much pounds how many pounds did you lose Leo? A total 100 One hundred pounds

    Give me five my brother How much chicken is that? A lot too much I told Guga before I got here I haven't eaten in 27 hours and he invited me to this So I'm super happy I'm in heaven right now You're ready for a feast

    Leo you're gonna have the prime steak as celebration of 100 lbs yea Thank you Guga I can not be more thankful for that So here's what I have to say if you take a choice steak you will slightly improve it Mm-hmm All right if you take a premium you will improve it a little bit more

    A lot a bit more Yeah A little bit more than choice right We got to the end of the scale though I know I agree if you take a prime steak and then you dry-aged it it just goes off the roof like it's so much more superior that there's no comparison

    That's a good way of saying it Yeah That is why you know prime steak houses the best steak houses in the world only do it Prime They don't mess around with choice because the jump is so much more superior that you have to dry aged there's a lot of last days it's not worth doing choice It's always worth doing prime

    It cost a lot more but the job is tremendously It's worth it 100% Yeah that's not to say that the choice grade one is not as good dry aged it is good But if you want an overall experience go for the prime because it doubles the betterness Is that even a word? A betterness, the goodness, the amazingness

    I mean what kind of word can I describe I don't know Maybe greatness The greatness yes its greatness Anyway guys I hope you got the point I hope you enjoyed this video if you do enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up If you're not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos

    Remember if you're interested in anything I use everything is always on the description down below Once again I would like to thank trade for sponsoring this video Remember the first 100 people who click on the link below will get 30% off their first bag when they sign up Thank you so much for watching we'll see you on the next one

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