What Is Their Favorite Fast Food Order? (GAME)

(rooster call) (lion roaring) (lion growling) – Did I do it again? – Wild gesturing! It's time for wild gesturing, where I will attempt to communicate a message to Emily using only wild gestures and she has to guess what I'm trying to say – I have bees

I'm a big, big man with drugs? I'm very confused – I'm on fire! – Ohhh! – It was "I'm on fire" – You don't know stop, drop, and roll? – I'm sitting in a desk I can't roll around The cameras won't pick me up

– I'm hearing a lot of excuses (sighs loudly) Alright, let's bring in the crew! – Oh, by the way, the punishment for the last game, since I won the junk food game, you have to sit in junk for all of more So stand up while I junk your chair (breathes out) All this junk came from my trunk Yeah, yeah! (chuckles) Sit in the junk! – That is a lot of trash

– You guys should have used the trash can from the kitchen It's a lot weirder (laughing) – Now your trunk is on the junk – Um – This is actually kind of comfy

– Can you scootch? – I'll scootch My bad, so much trash! – There's just a few weeks left until Rhett and Link start their live concert tour Check out Rhettandlinklivecom to make sure you don't miss them in your town Now for the game

We asked our crew what their favorite fast food orders were, and were going to match their order to who we think it was Hi everybody – Hello – Good job – Yay

– There's somebody's paycheck in that junk – Let's do identity theft! – Somebody's social security number – Wow, Link does not make a lot (laughing) Wouldn't have guessed – Alright, I think we've got some cards here with

– Yes – So the first one is Ooh, I like this Popeye's spicy chicken tenders with bayou buffalo sauce – Mmm

– Oooh, oh yeah (laughing) Oh yeah! – I honestly didn't know we were gonna have, great – Alright guys, this is very exciting – Do you think that maybe we should all try it? – Yes! – Let's all try! – Alright, we got a lot of sauces – You can have the mentalist read our faces as we're eating them

– We should totally do that Good call, Ellie – Okay, everyone grab a tender and grab a dip, and we'll analyze your expressions – Ready, ready? – Like The Blacklist – The Mentalist is different from The Blacklist

– That's on CBS – Ah – Anyone wanna talk about Burn Notice? Nobody? – Mmm – Is that the one that was on, did they have the characters? Arby's has the meats – Stop stalling by talking about Burn Notice! – I'm gonna go ahead and say it's Josh

– This is really good – Oh my god, yes – Yeah, this sauce is great Way to go, Popeye's – Popeye's is legit good

– Honestly I think it was Josh too I think Josh was like – Why? – Cause you were, I don't know, you're being weird (laughing) You were being weird while we asked you to dip I think it was you

– I do think this is the fanciest of all fast food chicken – Really? – Why? – Yeah, why? – The breading, look at how delicate the breading is – It's definitely the best I think that, like (choking) – You alright? (laughing) – It's spicier than I thought it would than I remember

– I think Ellie genuinely, I don't think this is an act, I think she genuinely can't handle this sauce So let's go ahead and rule out Ellie for this – I'm sorry, I'm sorry – Alright, yeah, I vote Josh – Arby's are my favorite tenders, just for the record

So if anyone wants to mail me any Arby's chicken tenders, send them to Rhett and Link, PO box Uh, yeah, okay So let's not decide for now, but let's say we think it's Josh – Hold that, sir There's sauce on it

It's been marked – The next meal is from Taco Bell One crunch wrap supreme, add potatoes and creamy jalapeno sauce One cheesy gordita crunch, sub fiery doritos loco shell, add tomatoes One beef quesarito, one crispy potato soft taco, and one large diet Pepsi

This is a meal! Bravo whoever did this! I love the customization in it – Now I'm a little confused – I think, just in my – Oh my god – Yeah, this is a haul, by the way

I think this might be Ellie Okay, I can't handle that sauce either (laughing) It's really hot (laughing) – I'm not alone (coughing) – I think this is Ellie

– Not anymore Wait, sorry – Are we gonna sing a song about it? ♪ We're just two friends ♪ ♪ Who can't handle the sauce ♪ (laughing) – Alright you guys Who's gonna dig in first? Whoa! – I think, I genuinely think I've talked to Ellie about Taco Bell before I can remember us having a Taco Bell conversation

– This is a lot – Daven, what do you want to do? – I don't know what I want I'll have that – You want that? – What is this? – Oh, he might be playin' there This might be a "what's this?" "I don't know, I don't know these options

" – This feels very Josh to me because of all the elements going on – There's a lot of customization too – Yeah, exactly, so it feels But then again, Daven, you're a slim fella and there's always – Just like me

– But he (laughing) He also like – Listen, we're just five slim fellas out here – You're my favorite fella (laughing) – Where'd you get that from? – Um, okay yeah, it's Daven

– No, I think it's Ellie I really do think it's Ellie – Really? – Here's what I think – I have taco burrito on, like, caked pasted to the front of my teeth – Whoa

(laughing) – I'm really full – I think I've talked to Ellie about Taco Bell before and I think the customization points to someone who knows that they want I think it points to someone who knows what they want and goes out to get it and I think that's Ellie I think it's a personality thing – I really think that it's Josh

– Yeah? And now I think that the chicken is Daven – Okay, let's see the third one Let's see the third one And then we'll all, just like, eat and talk – Oh, I'm so happy right now, you guys

– Yeah, this rules This is what a good segment Can this be the whole show and Rhett and Link are fired and we just do this five days a week? – There's an audience for this – I think there's totally an audience for this Hit us up in the comments if you want us to do this five days a week

(laughing) – Alright, last one is three hash browns Straight up, nothin' else – Oh, this is so weird (laughing) Who does this? This is weird Three McDonald's hash browns and nothing else? – I'm naturally red, man

– No, it's very naturally red, man There's nothing unnatural about that red – Red is one of the most natural dyes – Yeah, see? – I love McDonald's hash browns I think they're so good, but you eat them with something

You eat them with a sandwich – Agreed – It just tastes red – Oh, I have hash browns – Three hash browns and nothing else

– Daven is infuriating me right now (laughing) 'Cause he's just acting like an alien assimilating into human life "Ooh, what is this?" "Where did you get that?" – He knows how to play this game He knows how to play this game – He's good

Ugh, it makes me so mad – This is the order of a psychopath, I'm sorry (laughing) – This is why I think it might be Ellie (laughing) – Go on – Ellie has burned a school bus full of children

– Oh, I remember that – No, if you're eight ten watching this show, no – I have proof I think it's Ellie Now I think Daven has the chicken tenders and I think Josh has the Taco Bell

That's my vote, but I'm open to hearing your opinion – My vote is, I still think it's Josh, Popeye's – Okay – I think Daven, McDonald's I think Ellie, Taco Bell

That's how I feel – Wow – [Stevie] You guys can have different votes, you know – Oh yeah, let's, okay – That is my vote

I vote Taco Bell, Josh Daven, chicken – Sorry, excuse me (laughing) – Josh – Well, actually, no

I vote you chicken, you hash browns – Hash browns – First time he's ever heard of hash browns (laughing) He's good, he's very good – Oh yeah, I'm hash browns, yeah

– Alright, and yours is? – Okay, my vote is, is (laughing) I forgot it My vote (laughing) (bleeping) – Sorry, I swore I think maybe

– You're ruining Thanksgiving! – I think maybe you are Taco Bell This is so specific – I mean who's to say, you know? – And that's like, that's your thing, is like I'm the gourmet fast food guy – He pulled hot sauce out of his pocket – It's my favorite to enjoy with all fast food, so whichever one this would be, I would have pulled the same hot sauce out of my pocket

– Same, same – Okay I'm switching – Oh – I'm switching

Yeah, I think Okay, I think Josh, maybe you have a little control freak in you Just something I gathered Not a bad thing, it makes you successful in a lot of industries – Why? – 'Cause that, 'cause of that 'tude you're giving me right now

– I think I have an attitude, I think maybe you have an attitude That's fine – Are you still upset about the jelly thing? – Sorry we yelled at you for the jelly thing! – Oh my god – Okay, okay Josh, Taco Bell

– Thank you – Tenders, hash browns Is that what you think? – No, I think he's the hash browns and she's the tenders – Let's do that – [Stevie] Okay, so you're agreeing now? – We're now agreeing, yeah

– [Stevie] Okay, so everyone has their card of what they – So now we're gonna switch – I'm tenders – No, no She's tenders, you're hash browns

– [Stevie] This is really intense – You're Taco Bell I'm gonna hold this for you – This is very serious, Stevie We're going to be doing this everyday from now on

– Josh, now that you have – [Stevie] Thank you for looking at me I am up in the rafters – Stevie! – Oh my god! – Don't poop on me! (laughing) – Stevie is not a bird – Well, I've never seen her, so she might be

– All right, so Josh, now that you've taken a big bite, I'm gonna ask you first Is this you? – Oh yeah, definitely (cheering) – No question – I wouldn't ever want to inconvenience someone to their face with all that crazy customization, but on Taco Bell's new app, it's very easy to just click all the things This sounds like a sponsored video

– You're sponsored? – I'm not, it's just a very user friendly app – Josh, people still have to, like, read that and do all that stuff though – I get it No, I'm the bad guy I'm a bad guy, for sure

But, like, potatoes in a crunch wrap with the creamy jalapeno sauce? It's so good and I really love it And a large diet coke 'cause, uh, healthy – Diet, you gotta save couple cals there – You can chug it Chugging diet coke feels good when you eat

– Mhm, the best – Alright man, which one's yours? – I am tenders – Oh! – And I am three hash browns straight up – Why? – Um, they're the best fast food food – They're good

– When I'm hungry for any type of fast food, it's just McDonald's hash browns when it comes down to it I'll think maybe I want, like, a Taco Bell crunch wrap supreme or like a burger or something, turns out all I want are hash browns – Do they serve them all day? – Not always, not the one near us – I'm sorry to hear that – They stop at like 11, so if I want to get hash browns one day, if I'm feeling sad or like you know whatever

(laughing) – Sad or like whatever – I'll just pop in there right before work – That's great! – Yeah – The second closest McDonald's does consistently have hash browns all the way up til like nine at night My research had found

– You love those tendies, man – I love the tenders, yeah – You're a tendie man – I grew up, uh, all the fast food chains in Indonesia have fried chicken, even McDonald's and Burger King, so I think that's why I like fried chicken tenders, well chicken tenders – And this is your favorite sauce? – The spicy sauce, though, you like the buffalo sauce

– Yeah – Little bit of a heat seeker – Yeah I like spicy stuff – Alright, well

– We learned a lot about you – Do you still think I'm a psychopath? – Yes (laughing) – [Announcer] Got some hair, got some lips, got some stank? Get your groom on with the Mythical Grooming Collection available now at mythicalstore