What is Food Poisoning Bacteria Overview Video

Hi there I'm Adrian Carter I've been in the hygiene and food safety industry for over 10 years and have found a common theme within food handlers kitchens and restaurants that no one really understands what bacteria is often we come across bacteria in school and we're not introduced to the concept of bacteria being within our daily environment I developed this course as a quick introduction to bacteria and how it can affect us in the kitchen environment welcome to this course on understanding bacteria in the kitchen in this course we will learn to identify what bacteria is as well as specific bacteria which are the most common food poisoning germs how we identify bacteria in the lab where bacteria commonly occurs in the environment as well as what bacteria needs to grow and survive we will also define what food poisoning is what the common symptoms of food poisoning are as well as what the specific bacteria we mentioned in this course will look like as well as what they need to grow the specific bacteria we'll be looking at in this course are E coli Staphyloccus aureus Salmonella Listeria Clostridium and Campylobacter we will also take a look at how common food poisoning is and does it really only occur within the restaurant environment we will discuss the theme of our internal flora and how to identify good and bad bacteria we will also do a quick introduction on how to reduce our risks within our kitchens using the common theme of the food safety pillars I hope that you will enjoy this course and hope that it will give you a better understanding of what bacteria is and how it can affect our families and the food in our environment

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