What is a Food web?-Energy flow in an ecosystem

Welcome to MooMooMath and Science In this video, I would like to discuss Food webs All living things require energy in order to stay alive One model for showing the flow of energy in an ecosystem is a food web In simple terms, it is a diagram showing what everyone in a diagram eats and who gets eaten There are three points I will discuss in this video The direction of the arrows The 10 percent rule How impacting what part of the food web impacts the entire food web In this soil food web, you will notice that there are arrows pointing towards the larger arthropod and away from the arthropod

Arrows pointing towards the arthropod indicate that energy is flowing towards the arthropod So in this food web, the arthropod receives energy from smaller arthropods and nematodes and birds and animals receive energy from the arthropods In simple terms birds and animals eat arthropods, and arthropods eat smaller arthropods and nematodes The arrows always point towards where the energy is flowing As one individual consumes another you move up a trophic level The 10 percent rule states that each time you move up a trophic level only 10 percent of the energy is transferred to the new level So when the mollusks eat algae you lose 90 % of the energy Then when the perch eat the mollusks only 10 percent of the energy is passed on, and finally, when the bass eats the perch only 10 percent is passed on again Finally, if you impact one part of the food web, you impact the entire food web Take a look at this simple food web Change is a constant in any ecosystem A new family of birds has moved into the park

They are hungry and love bugs As they eat more bugs The population of bugs starts to drop This is good for the lawn because fewer insects are now eating the lawn and over time more and more appears The insect population has dropped and therefore there is less food for the birds and their population also drops The zebras are happy because there is additional food for them and their population may increase This process of rebalancing in a food web continues over and over again So there you go Food webs and the flow of energy Thanks for watching please subscribe and share

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