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    We Tried Traditional BRAZILIAN FOOD in Minas Gerais


    Hello again, and welcome to the beautiful city of Mariana, MG Brazil It is an hour by train from Ouro Preto, where we were Nari, how was the train ride? It was great, I enjoyed it a lot

    And what was the best thing about the trip? Guessing? There were some young artists or clowns on the train, I don't know what to call People in the train, and one of them offered to brush Nari's hair I think it was beautiful Yes, I liked it a lot First impressions of Mariana? Is very Colorful and beautiful Well preserved and painted Similar to Ouro Preto but it's different at the same time

    If you saw my video in Ouro Preto They know it's similar We are about an hour away But I would say the historic center of this city it's as beautiful as any city I've ever seen It is very impressive And another thing I hope is impressive It's the lunch we're going to eat It's coming at the hottest time of the day, which means it's time to eat Let's see what is waiting for us in the restaurant Hey Josh, how are you? All well Lunch time, everyone is coming

    Wow Another buffet style meal You will see a theme in this Brazilian series Buffets are very common in Brazil And this only costs $ 10 Free buffet Very good As you can see The restaurant is very full I'll follow Nari to show some of the dishes available And also to show the way they are cooking This style is very traditional Brazilian

    Wood burning stove And they are also using the traditional pans Very traditional meal What a selection of dishes, Nari Look this, And this (tropeiro bean) is from this region Do you like this? Yes And it was going to come close, but as you can see it's very full and I don't want to bother people here So I'm getting on my side Very impressive buffet and now it's time to eat I don't usually like kale But this kale is very good I don't know how they do it Is it as good as it looks? Look at you speaking Portuguese Guys, we finished lunch, and it's very common have a complimentary coffee at the end strong and delicious as always in Brazil And we have something else I've never seen before called Rapadura and basically How did you describe it? Rapadura is pure sugar, with the liquid removed And it gets hard Keeps all sugar minerals and flavors I imagine this will be very sweet Pure cane It's one of the sweetest things I've ever eaten in my life Wow Nari, you have to prove it Sweet? Too much? I'm having a heart attack I like it, and I think dentists like it too Causes a lot of dental caries Historically a lot of people in Europe had cavities in the 18th and 19th century because of this type of product sent to Europe I'm saying guys, when you come to Brazil bring two different pants sizes one pro start and another 2 larger sizes Why not lack food here in Brazil for sure I'm out again in this square very pretty And it's a good place to see Portuguese colonial architecture which is everywhere in the city of Mariana Many of these buildings are from the 18-19th century Must have been recently restored and maintained Because now they have fresh paint and the streets are clean everything is in good condition We only have half a day here in Mariana Our time is very short here But, I want to show you something else I must have melted something at the buffet Life is hard when you're a YouTuber It's hot! It's heat! Heat is as they say in Portuguese Comment if I'm wrong! I'm still learning As you can see, this is an important area of ​​the city

    The Old Town Square of Mariana Technically still the main square But have an interesting view in front here two different churches unfortunately this is being restored now Can you get an idea of ​​how the Catholic faith was important in this region of Brazil had two different families and groups from Mariana who were competing with each other for the most impressive church in town And in my opinion, they look almost the same The exterior at least look similar With a noticeable difference Look at the cross on this This first one has the traditional cross and the other one has the double cross I don't know the name but I think this is the cross of war This has nothing to do but I remembered that when I lived in Vancouver in my country of Canada had two Starbucks directly on both sides of the street and people made fun of and say I don't go to the south side, I'm just going to the north people chose one or the other I know this is different, but somehow it's not Imagine how many tourists would be here if we were in Europe now If this were Portugal Or Spain or Italy But as Mariana is hidden in the hills of Brazil Who's here? only Brazilian tourists In Ouro Preto I found some foreigners but very few It's amazing the power that Brazil has for tourism And we only explore a small piece of the country Time for one more before leaving I have to eat before it melts Nari already opened hers Nothing blocks her to eat acai berry Delicious As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel More videos from Brazil coming soon To the next

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