We Bare Bears Food Truck Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 2 – Lola Shaw

Fuck and we'll get a ton of customers and be super rich Yeah Ice Bear is in Anyways come and enjoy our wonderful calzones, please Okay, guys, you know what to do So it's like a sample California shaped calzones, don't be shy it's free sir, would you like to try sample? No, thanks free Sample, please

Just try to promise you'll love it Sorry fresh calzone Hey, hey, would you like to try calzone No? Okay, you should get a calzone or not just keep walking the fixed-line buh buh Oh Samples I Don't get it Our food is good Why do people eat that stuff? Hey you Would you like to try a sample let go of me okay, geez, oh there there what a Paying customer but Grizz Five hundred dollars that could end our lives Oh, so torn Huh? Thank you, sir one calzone coming right up here you go friend enjoy For example Let's cook