Vegan Food Festival London – Best Vegan Day Out!

So we were meant to be watching the rugby but the wifi has broken so George is really upset George how upset are you about the wifi? Can't talk about it

He's heartbroken about the wifi but luckily i'm going to take him shops instead to get some converse and then we are going to the vegan festival in London Heya Could have done with some more beans What did you get? One of these bakewell slices Bakewell slice Looks really nice doesn't it These all look amazing Oh gosh, these look good though YUM Do you want a bag with that? No we are alright thank you Thankyou One pound, there you go Ahh I get to pick a teddies That is so good Nice? I might have to get one

Oh no my bun fell apart Yum Is that seriously good? Its going all over the floor Oh my god So we went to the vegan festival and it was really really good, although half way round George realised I took my suede bag and that he had a leather wallet We aren't very good on the whole vegan thing But George won me some teddy bears from the people who try and rescue the bears because they Its in China I think and they farm them and use their stomach bile as some sort of medicine its not very nice because they live in really tiny cages and then they extract the bile with tubes going into their stomachs and they pump out the bile So that's not very nice – not very nice at all Oh – you see that gains To the vegan festival was actually really good, it was better than the free from festival just because you didnt have to worry about if it had egg in it – you knew that nothing had egg in The free from festival they had beef and chicken Yeah there was lots of meat at the free from festival because it was really targeted – stop interrupting me! The woman doing the speech was like its really good for your health if you boil up some chicken bones and drink the broth just sounds disgusting Yeah as I was saying there was loads of meat at the free from festival because it was targeted mainly at gluten free people Yeah there was lots of good food We had chicken burgers made from Satan and it was really really tasty and they wouldn't have had that at the gluten free festival because satan is pure gluten yeah which i didn't know until today as we said the woman who made the cheese and chicken burgers and they had other meats and stuff she also made the cheese herself she said she didn't sleep at all because she made the cheese herself it was made out of almond milk and flavourings like mushroom and peppers and stuff and it was amazing hello sorry for the completely abrupt ending to that video but the battery ran out whilst we were in regents park

and i just wanted to say we had such a fun time at the vegan food festival and if you just go on google and you type in vegan food festival or vegetarian food festival then a whole list of the dates come up and they're are kind of from all over the uk so you have to pick out the ones you want but they are really really fun days out and a really good excuse to go and see new places because we don't usually go regents park and the food was amazing and especially if you are like me and new to vegan and want good ideas and it showed you can be a really unhealthy vegan and there are so many nice snacks for vegans so we got cupcakes and we got cookie mix, chocolate chip cookie mix and i was craving chocolate chip cookies since going vegan we burnt them and we will post a picture they were really really tasty and they were only like £3 for the whole set and you just add vegan butter and water so they were super easy to make and took like 10 mins they have a website called auntie mos – I will post a link below i recommend trying that for if you are craving some cookies like me thanks for watching if you like this video or it has inspired you to go to a vegan festival and you go one and its really good then let me know what it is called because I will try it as well so yeah like comment and subscribe see you later

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