ULTIMATE Chinese Parantha + CHEESY Chana Kulcha + Himachali Non-Veg | Shimla Food Walk – Part 3/3

-Let me take you to the Book Cafe that is run by the inmates of the Himachal prison for their rehabilitation so that as to integrate them with the society

Come let's talk to them How are you? -We are fine -We start from Kaithu Jail at 830 am and reach here by 930 And from 9

30 am till 8 pm we run the cafe and then we again return to kaithu jail -Is it an open prison? -Yes its an open prison -Is there any specific criteria there, like after so and so years of serving a sentence one becomes eligible for open prison -After 6-7 years of serving a sentence on the basis of good conduct one is sent to the open prison -How long is your sentence? -Its a case of 302, life imprisonment

-Yours too? -Yes -Are all the bakery products here made in the jail? -Yes they are made inside the jail -What all things are there? -There are patties, burger, hot dogs and cakes etc Many other things are there that are available here that are made in the prison and are brought here and sold -Then there are books in this cafe that one can take, read here and return it

-When you visit Shimla, come to the Book Cafe, meet these wonderful guys, speak to them about their lives and experiences and try the interesting things that are available here I wanted to try this, the Kara Special but its is available only twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays that too outside the prison -Yes its available only outside the Kaithu Jail -Let's go and meet Savitoj and start our food journey in Shimla -So we are starting with the ice cream

-Absolutely Today you will try the famous natural flavoured ice creams that are made right here in Shimla Embassy is very famous among the locals if someone wants ice cream bricks and all Their mango duds, softy cones are very famous So I think you should try this

-And which one is your favourite? -Actually all of them are my favourite but I was very used to like the Choco Bar that they used to serve We have eaten a lot Choco bar and mango duets during our childhood Now there isn't much interest for ice creams but these ones were the favourites -Its ice cream at the base then raspberry crush then again ice cream and raspberry -This is a very old and famous snacks

The uncle here I don't know"How long have you been selling it here?" -I have been selling it here for the past forty three years -Forty three years! -These things are memories in itself

-and the good thing is the use of paper -Yes indeed I must admit that in Shimla there is so much cleanliness and people here too are so environmentally conscious -We try to promote that less paper napkin and plastics -No no don't open it like this Have it from the top -Have it from the mouth of the cone only If you open it everything will come out

Wow! Crisp, playful and spicy -When we would return from school, we would buy these cones for two rupees and ate it while getting back home -How much it is for now? -As per present time now its for twenty rupees -I too have some childhood memories related to this We used to have bhelpuri, jhalmuri and chana from such cones

-How long is holidays at school? -What's this? Does that emit some kind of light? Does bubbles come out of this? Show us how? -Not like this Give it to me -See Now you try -Yes! -Come let me take you to Sita Ram and Sons, a sixty year old establishment famous for Chane Lucchi -Its interesting that here they call the Bhaturas as Lucchi

And they are flat too -Every individual have their own way of naming things Some call it Bhature and some Lucchi but here they call it Lucchi -Is this made of all purpose flour? -All purpose flour, semolina -Both are mixed and used -Yes -This is like one shop recommended by everyone That if you are going to Shimla then you must try Sita Ram ki Lucchi and Chane

-Absolutely, they are very famous here Their chutney, their Chickpeas everything -Their process is that they start making the chana the evening before and serve it in the morning -Its sweet -Yes because you must have eaten the portion topped with sweet chutney

-Yes that can be the case -Eat it from the other side you will get the taste -Hmm! -Three flavours in one plate -And although its deep fried but its not heavy -Its such a thin puri

Absolutely After eating it you will feel as if you had a snacks -Its very light -You don't feel like you have had a heavy meal -Let's have cheese Kulcha

Its Kulcha served with cheese and chana -This is his speciality -This is a Kulcha with a twist -I have never had this kind of Chana kulcha The texture of the kulcha is just like a bun

-Yes and it gets even better when its pan fried in Amul butter and becomes crisp -Its very nice and easy to eat Its slit open from the middle and stuffed with chana, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and cheese slice and then pan fried in butter

-So this is the place, I wanted you to experience This is one of a kind experience They will serve you Chinese Parantha -What is this Chinese Parantha? -You see for yourself -What is this mixture? -Its the vegetable mixture thats used in the momos

Carrots, cabbage, coriander, spices, capsicum etc Pre cooked vegetable noodles -Okay -Crispiness -Completely

And its really good It feels like you are having fried momos with noodles That kind of taste -What are the Non Veg Himachali dishes in the Menu -Sir we have the Chaa Meat where the mutton is cooked with curd and Chicken Anardana that had pomegranate seeds juice in it

-Both of them would be tangy -Chaa meat has the flavour of curd and the other one is little tangy -So its a Chaa Meat and one Chicken Anardana for us This is Anardana Chicken, Chaa meat -This is Chane ka Madra -And along with all this we have Missi Roti -There is a lot of use of curd -Yes -Like this dish, the Chaa Meat is made with curd

And we have the Anardana Chicken All these dishes have little sourness in them -Yes -Dry fruits have been added to the Madra as I got a raisin here -Yes

-So the Dham is incomplete without curd and dry fruits These are definitely used in the cooking process This is the Chaa meat Wow! The mutton is so soft and delicate – Its the first time, I am trying the Non Veg Himachali dishes

The flavours are very nice There is this beautiful sourness from the curd And there is also the flavour from the Fenugreek seeds and dried Fenugreek leaves that they have used And the meat has been cooked with its fat Wow! This Anardana Chicken is just amazing

Its having a nice tangy flavour of the anardana They keep adding the anardana juice to the till it attains the desired sourness The flavour of strawberry is more predominant than the Paan Its quite sweet