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Tupelo Honey Cafe Best Southern Comfort Food 2018


– Hi I'm Drew Carpenter with the Keri Shull Real Estate team Today we are at Tupelo Honey, an absolutely beautiful delicious new spot, in Courthouse

Lets go check it out (smooth pop violin music) – I'm Ryan Daly, General Manager of Tupelo Honey Cafe in Courthouse, Arlington Got started in the restaurant business probably about 20 years ago Started off as a dishwasher, worked my way up Found Tupelo a little over two years ago and just fell in love with the restaurant and the meaning of what we're going after

– Why should someone check out Tupelo Honey when they're in Courthouse? – It's the spot to be I mean if you want some Sweet Potato Pancakes, you want some good old Fried Chicken with some homemade buttermilk gravy on there, we got it for you (smooth pop guitar music) Favorite drink is gonna be our Tupelo Margarita We make this in-house with fresh made sours My favorite meal is probably gonna be our Honey Dusted Fried Chicken

We serve that at night and on weekends only It's hit with 19 different spices at the end It's delicious – What's something you do better than anyone else in Arlington? – We brunch Hashtag brunch so hard


(Drew laughing) Courthouse is young, it's still building It's up and coming You know we're a young restaurant, been here for three years We're part of the community now and it's just Tupelo in Courthouse Something interesting they wouldn't be able to find on Yelp

You know, just the unique individuals that work here I mean, we're one big family that put in time here and put in work and you know they don't, You get to see reviews of food and service and stuff on Yelp but you gotta come see it for what it is, it's a show You can't see that on Yelp – Thank you for joining us today If you are looking to have your business highlighted on one of our episodes or if you have any residential real estate needs here in the DC area, please don't hesitate to reach out

You can reach us at 703-952-7653 Cheers

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