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Trying Hot Food from a Vending Machine in Japan


Where do you think you came? I'm back! Terrific vending machine location Vending machine! Vending machine! Vending machine! This is Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture It's a bit difficult to come here Get on the train, get on the bus But if you are interested, Is a place worth visiting Our first video, Videos of eating ramen and yakitori Tonkatsu, Click (i) above to see At that time it was super hot Heat stroke If you want to see me, watch the video I can't forget that day Let's start with! I'm going to eat udon and soba today, Do you pick the right one first Good My idea, grilled rice ball Good I found it here Hot delicious There are various things Katsudon, I ate it in the first video Tonkatsu is on the rice Bowl of rice and fried fish Tendon on rice looks delicious There is also fried rice Curry for grilled rice balls Let's eat grilled rice balls 250 yen I'll put money Press the button, Baked rice balls change musics Wait about 90 seconds 80, 79, 78, 77 We learned This hot food is really hot So, Prepare tray 4,3,2 1 0 I think it was done Did you hear the sound? It was there Boxed rice balls Done Yes, this is a udon and soba vending machine Very retro Nostalgic hey You can choose from two Tempura Udon and Tempura Soba Which one to try Because it ’s tempura

I wonder if soba is better Put a coin, Press the button 25 seconds Hey early 3,2,1 zero This is pretty hot again I think the tray is useful It's tempura soba I need to stir a little before eating The soup is under the noodles I learned in the last video There is a kamaboko inside Tempura and Kakiage Fried shrimp I love You What about soup? It's good Soy sauce base Good dashi taste Bonito Bonito is delicious Soba noodles Buckwheat color Taste and texture, Feeling like standing noodles at the station It ’s delicious This is from a vending machine Maybe it was at the last ramen But that's right Although it is a vending machine, Looks like it will be served at a real shop What about shrimp? Crisp The taste of the tempura batter is delicious Kamaboko This is serious kamaboko Is delicious From the price point, it's like standing noodles I love you Did you notice? I brought my chopsticks It ’s not the best soba ever It's not bad As a vending machine The soup has a little sweetness The dashi taste is solid I guess the bottom of the "delicious soba" range It's not bad Noodles that don't have anything special Say it again, not bad Even from the price I love grilled rice balls Wrapped tightly Open with care, it's hot There are two in it Moderately baked There is a little burn Usually no tools inside You were right But this is normal for grilled rice balls My mother likes to plum dry I like it better than buckwheat Onigiri doesn't get so bad Frozen rice It goes well with the range Outside is soy sauce flavor Inside is ordinary rice A little salt Very flavorful The outside is a little crisp Onigiri goes well with soba Eat onigiri Drink soup The perfect combination So, I also sell rice balls at soba shops To the next instrument Another udon I was a little dissatisfied Beside So let's eat udon This is a kitsune udon instrument 300 yen There are no buttons Just put in the money And wait 27 seconds look My chopsticks are fine here There are disposable chopsticks and There is also Shichimi Oh, it's already done It was early Surprisingly fast A little scary Because it ’s hot Soup nananami This is good I think it's much better than tempura soba Tempura melted into the soup But this one has two fried foods Looks delicious There are also green onions The weather today is very strange It was very warm until a while ago Now Wearing a down jacket It was raining a while ago The best weather for udon First, the soup I like this soup better than soba Umami from the dish Mixes very well with the soup There are two fried I call it fried, Tenkasu is also included I also have green onions Let's eat udon Good On this cold day Last time it was hot in summer It wasn't the mood to eat warm noodles I think udon is better for vending machines Udon is basically With flour Must not taste bad Smooth and smooth through your throat Entangled with soup Soba uses buckwheat flour, I don't think so many Let's have fried I love frying This was delicious and good It ’s not just fried Cooked with sweet soy sauce Before putting it on the udon So the whole udon has a more complex taste Delicious Full of noodles For this price Very good I love fried Fried taste cooked with sweet soy sauce That's delicious Just good seasoning This is from a vending machine How do you make it In the vending machine frozen? Noodles But it feels sweeter than buckwheat Yeah Sweet Sweet dashi Of course it ’s soy sauce flavor But sweet As Shinichi said Delicious than soba After changing fried food There were two kamaboko I was about to forget You have to stir well I prefer udon The buckwheat is not too bad But this one is more delicious I like this Tenkasu This is in the soup It adds flavor

Add oil This goes well with udon Our pink my chopsticks It was hard to use udon Easier to eat with chopsticks here Do not slip I finished eating the onigiri on the noodles Is it time for dessert? OK I have ice cream There are also candies Let's see what is There are various snacks chocolate Rice crackers, Castella Kit Kat But I found something very nostalgic and interesting Plum jam rice cracker Only 30 yen Not 300 yen 30 yen Hey cheap Buy this Put money 1,2,3 10 yen coin And what do you do? Should I open the door? I have to move Moving moving And open the door And take out Hey fun This is a plum jam rice cracker Let's open it How many? Contains seven rice crackers Very thin crackers So thin appear? How thin And One bag It is plum jam Let me know what to do Open the bag Squeeze out a little Like this Prepare another one And sandwich Push This is a plum jam sandwich cracker Sour and sour A little sweet at the same time This rice cracker is very light Crispy It's interesting Nostalgic Such a rice cracker, I am not very familiar My mother said she ate as a child Just squeeze the jam too much? Maybe too much Fine? Ume is sour If you don't know interesting Rice crackers Like a thin ice cream cone Taste Jam, salty Salty And a bit sour, but Not as good as umeboshi And also sweet interesting look It's thin, but do you see plums oozing out of the way? Contains 7 sheets And a bag of jam, 30 yen in total Not bad It's the last You ate quite a bit of money Yes Yes 2 cups of noodles rice ball Rice crackers I did not make a video, but I drank a drink I ate a lot, I ca n’t eat anymore We will come again Everyone likes this vending machine Next week? Yeah I'm looking forward to it next week Because there is still a lot of food Please let us know what you think If you are new to today, Thank you for subscribing Thanks for watching! next time!

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