Top 10 GROSSEST Things Found In Food

We put a lot of trust into the companies and people that provide us with food There’s a lot of faith in the fact that the food we’re eating is free of any foreign objects, including anything that was once alive (or still alive, in some cases)

Either way, accidents do happen, and often people don't realize there was something wrong until it's too late, so here are the top 10 grossest things people have found in their food Unless you've got a really strong stomach you may want to put down that snack for now A Black Widow in a Bag of Grapes When you open up a bag of grapes, what you're expecting is a sweet, juicy, and overall healthy snack You're not expecting there to be any danger After all, the risk of eating grapes should never be that high

One thing you definitely wouldn't think about encountering would be one of the most terrifying spiders in the world That would just be crazy Unfortunately for one Boston man, that crazy scenario came entirely true when inside of his bag of grapes from Whole Foods he happened to find a live black widow spider Yeah, if that's not enough to put you off from eating grapes forever we're not sure what would do it While a bite from a black widow is rarely fatal, it can be painful, and if its venom is injected into you it can cause vomiting, cramps, and extreme discomfort

You know, the kind of discomfort you might feel if you found a spider in your bag of grapes The man took the bag back to Whole Foods, where the staff apologized profusely for the situation The man was given some Whole Foods gift cards in exchange for the trouble, and he also reportedly kept the spider If you’re new to the channel, why not join our notification squad? It’s easy After you hit that subscribe button, just ring that bell

A Mouse in a Loaf of Bread What's the last thing you want a good sandwich to contain? Besides, like, alfalfa sprouts or something If you said a dead rodent, then congratulations, you are a sensible human being The combinations of meat, vegetables, cheeses, and condiments should probably not contain any traces of mice, rats, voles or other small creatures However, the world is an imperfect and often cruel place, a place where a loaf of bread can absolutely contain a dead mouse This exact scenario happened in the UK, where a man was just getting ready to make some sandwiches for his children when he discovered something in his bread that would definitely make him consider going entirely gluten-free

Wedged into the loaf, as if it had been baked into it at the bread factory, was a dead mouse While the family did not end up getting any mouse in any of their food, they had already eaten several slices from the same loaf Yeah, let that sink in for a minute If you're not meticulously checking every inch of your bread after this, then you are a braver soul than us Understandably, the man was quite shaken and filed a complaint against the company that made the bread

That company was fined the grand total of £5,500, which doesn't seem like nearly enough for something this disgusting Apparently, this is not totally unusual as a mouse was recently found in a loaf of bread in Quebec Canada as well A Cockroach in a Hash Brown Hash browns can make any breakfast instantly better Whether they're served in patty form or in big chunks that you can eat with a fork, they pretty much are the best thing to wake up to if you want a really hearty breakfast that is going to power you through the day It's especially great when hash browns are really crispy, concealing the soft, pillowy potato underneath

Our mouths are watering just thinking about them However, we're not here to talk about delicious things, not today You see, this list is about the gross things found in food This story takes place in a McDonald's during breakfast As we all know, McDonald's breakfast is one of the best things in the world

That's why they started selling it all day However, as one unsuspecting customer was about to find out, sometimes McDonald's breakfast can betray you in the worst way possible This customer took a few bites of a hash brown before realizing the horrifying truth: there was a cockroach cooked inside of it! Yes, the most disgusting bug on the planet had somehow been cooked into one of the best side dishes known to man How did McDonald's rectify this horrifying situation? With a coupon for one free breakfast A Tooth in a Candy Bar There's really nothing like a good old candy bar to satisfy a sweet tooth

Chocolate, nougat, peanuts, caramel, and all of the other things that make candy bars great should never be in doubt in terms of being delicious However, there was at least one time where a candy bar suddenly turned into a nightmarish scenario for one customer, when they discovered one of the most horrifying things you could find in a candy bar Remember how we used the term "sweet tooth?" Yeah, that's going to take on a double meaning once you hear this story So, a woman in Texas felt like getting herself a Milky Way As she was eating her sweet treat, however, she bit down on something hard

Now, if you were eating a Snickers, which has peanuts, you might not think anything of it really However, a Milky Way is not supposed to have anything crunchy in it, let alone something so hard that it can't be chewed The woman inspected the foreign object she had just been trying to ingest and discovered, to her absolute terror, that it was a tooth A human tooth Upon investigation, it was determined that this was not one of her own teeth that had fallen out

No, no This was the tooth of a total stranger A Chicken Head in a McDonald's Meal Once again, McDonald's makes the list with another strange item found in someone's food To be fair, this one might not be all that weird in context Let us explain

Back in the day, McDonald's wanted to offer people something different, something that was a little bit more grown-up than a box of chicken nuggets So, they introduced to the world McDonald's chicken wings These wings were breaded, spicy, and by all accounts not actually that bad However, they were eventually taken off the market due to the high price and a lack of popularity among their customers Really, though, there could have been another reason why these wings were taken off the market, and it had nothing to do with how much they cost

One day, back in 2008, a woman and her child were enjoying a meal at a Virginia McDonald's The woman was happily eating her McDonald's wings As she raised a wing to her mouth, her child screamed at her to stop what she was doing and look To the woman's shock, what she was about to eat was not a wing at all: it was a deep-fried chicken head! Luckily the woman was quick enough to not eat the crunchy cranium and was also able to spin her disgust into a successful $100,000 lawsuit against the restaurant chain The manager tried to offer her two weeks of free meals, but the woman smartly declined

A Centipede in Curry There's nothing quite as comforting on a cold day than a nice bowl of curry The spices, meat, and vegetables all coming together to make a hearty meal that warms you up and delivers a flavorful experience By contrast, there may be nothing more disgusting in this world than a centipede There are many different varieties of these multi-legged monstrosities, but they all have one thing in common: they are all beyond gross So you can imagine the horror, the absolute, sheer grossness of finding a centipede in your food

You may already know where this is going, but we're going to tell you about it anyway A man had purchased a meal of chicken tikka masala from Tesco, a British grocery chain He had taken his meal home and was about to sit down and eat when something crawled out of his food That's right, not only was there a centipede in this man's meal, but it was still alive! If there's anything more disgustingly horrifying than that, then we don't want to know about it The man immediately repackaged his meal and took it back to Tesco, where he was given a gift card for his trouble

He eventually received an apology letter from the company, but come on How could that ever make up for something as horrifying as centipede curry? A Toad in a Can of Diet Pepsi What's more refreshing on a hot day than a nice cold can of soda? Crack it open, take a sip, and immediately you're hit with that familiar sugar rush and bubbling sensation of carbonation There's hardly anything in the world that can beat that feeling However, if you really start to think about the idea of drinking something out of an opaque can, it can start to get a little scary Consider the fact that you will never be able to really see what's going on inside your can, so there might be some kind of terrible surprise in there and you wouldn't even be aware of it until it hit your lips

That terrifying scenario is exactly what happened to a man in Florida as he was enjoying an ice cold Diet Pepsi in his own backyard Suddenly, he began gagging Naturally, his wife became alarmed and asked him what was wrong What they found was that there was a foreign object inside the can that had found its way to the top, almost sliding into the man's awaiting mouth Fortunately, these people were smart enough to report this horrifying incident to the FDA

Upon investigation, it was found that the giant, slimy lump in the can of soda was, in fact, a toad Yeah, you might want to start drinking soda exclusively out of clear bottles from now on A Snake Head in a Can of Green Beans Green beans are supposed to be healthy They're supposed to be packed with vitamins and nutrients They're definitely not supposed to frighten you, but how else would you feel if you found something foreign inside your can of green beans? You might feel a little bit put off

Well, hold onto your hats, because as it turns out, you can find things in cans of beans that might just put you off of eating them forever! This happened to a woman in Utah, who was preparing some food for a church event She had purchased roughly 30 cans of green beans to use in a recipe and was obviously planning on using all of them However, upon opening one of the cans, she was met with a horrifying surprise, one that in some cases would be considered some kind of omen Inside of her can of green beans was the head of a decapitated snake! Obviously, this was truly horrifying It would be bad enough if that was the only can of beans, but this woman must have looked at her other 29 cans and decided that she did not want to try again

She was probably, rightfully, concerned with what else she might find (maybe even the rest of the poor snake) She did what any sensible person would do and took all 30 cans back to the store for a refund A Band-Aid in McDonald's Fries For the third time, McDonald's makes the list of weird things found in people's food We all know that McDonald's may not be the healthiest of restaurants but does it stop us from enjoying their food? Absolutely not In particular, nothing could ever keep us away from those McDonald's fries

They're so salty, crispy, and absolutely delicious when dipped in some ketchup There's nothing in this world that could ever make us think twice about eating those fries At least, that's what we thought until we heard this story about a customer finding something truly unsettling in their order of McDonald's fries A man in Santa Maria had just picked up some McDonald's for lunch He was ready to enjoy some delicious fast food when one of the worst possible items turned up in his order of fries: a used band-aid

We'll give you a moment to stop gagging You good? Okay, let's move on The man, unfortunately, ended up chewing on this band-aid before realizing that something was wrong He tried to complain to the McDonald's location but was ultimately ignored He took a photo of the band-aid and put it on social media, where it quickly went viral

He eventually got an apology from the manager and the employee whose band-aid it was In addition, he was given a gift card, but ultimately chose not to use it We can totally understand that decision A Bat in a Box of Rice Krispies We all remember what it was like to be a kid and seeing that a box of cereal had a prize in it You would usually dig your hand into the cereal and try to get the toy which was usually buried at the bottom of the cereal bag

It was like a buried treasure, which made finding the toy half as fun as actually using it However, as you grew older you realized that these prizes were usually just really cheap and just fell apart or got lost That's not to say that you wouldn't find other things in your box of cereal though Only instead of being a mildly fun toy or maybe a pack of stickers, it's something outright disgusting and horrifying That situation actually happened to a family in the UK

A teenager was pouring herself a bowl of Rice Krispies when something came out of the box that definitely should not have been in there It would have been one thing to find a dead bug or something small like that, but instead what this teenager got in her cereal bowl that morning was a dead bat! The family filed a complaint against Kellogg's, and even though they were offered a bunch of vouchers for free cereal, the family decided not to take them They were obviously put off of buying any Kellogg's products ever What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found in your food? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to click on one of our other great videos And you can now become an official BabbleTopper, just click on the join link in the description below to find out more

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