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    Top 10 Dollar Store Foods You Need To Buy


    Who doesn’t love going into a dollar store? Where else can you afford almost everything on the shelf? There are some great deals to be had at your dollar store, and that’s what we’re going to talk about here You can always eat well if you have at least a few dollars to your name and a dollar store not far from home

    So here are the Top 10 Dollar Store Foods You Should Buy Nuts of all varieties There are so many different choices of snacks; it will drive you up the wall if you think about it too much What’s the one snack that everyone out there loves – provided they're not allergic? That would be salty, crunchy nuts They are the perfect snack to munch on for any occasion, and great for when you have guests over And yes, the dollar store is one of the best places to get all kinds nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, pecans, or just mixed nuts, they've got them all

    With several different flavors like salted, roasted, honey roasted, hot & spicy, chocolate covered, the dollar store really has everything you could want when it comes to this snack food You can get a wide variety of nuts at any dollar store for a buck Pick up a few different types of nuts to give your guests a little variety For only a few dollars, you can get a snack that everyone will love, and it won’t break the bank A handful of nuts while watching the game is a great snack that goes with any drink

    Ramen noodles Ramen noodles hit all the pleasure zones in one bite How do they do that? You know these things are so bad for you, but it’s impossible to stop eating them Almost every single person watching this has at least one pack of ramen noodles in their cupboard They aren’t just a noodle in your mind They’re salty, spicy, and fatty all in the same bite

    The people who make ramen noodles know exactly what they’re doing It takes a smart food scientist to come up with something so unhealthy, but yet so tasty you can’t help but eat them And the best part about them is that they’re so cheap There’s a reason why college students are known to live off of them, because they’re usually flat broke and there’s no other food half as tasty for such a low price You can pick these fantastic noodles up at any dollar store and have several packs of them ready for when the hankering for them overwhelms you

    Spices Are you the do it yourself chef who is always looking for a way to kick things up a notch? If so, then you know how expensive spices can be It’s surprising how much a little can of something flavoring costs You only put a tiny amount of it in the food you’re cooking, but they want an arm and a leg for it Get your spices at any dollar store, and you’ll save a bundle You’ll know that the spices are fresh since everyone is buying their spices there – there’s a pretty high turnover

    There’s no need to pay an outrageous price to make your food taste great If you’re willing to put in the elbow grease to prepare a delicious meal, then treat yourself to seasonings that will make your food taste great It’s not just spices that you can get a discount on, things such as garlic salt can be found for a buck as well A few shakes of garlic salt on almost anything will make it taste better Have you ever put garlic salt on pizza? You might think it sounds crazy, but it’s really good

    A few shakes of the stuff in a bowl of chili will give it a unique twist Invest a little time in the spice aisle, and you’ll quickly come up with all kinds of tasty new ideas for supper Your family will love the kicked-up versions of the food you cook with these low-cost yet delicious spices and seasonings Canned fish It’s always a good idea to have some canned fish on hand You should be able to find canned tuna, sardines, and other types of fish at a dollar store

    How do you like to eat your tuna? Some of you probably mix it with a little mayo, maybe some onion, and hard-boiled egg to make tuna salad Tuna salad is excellent as a sandwich or on lettuce with other fresh vegetables Sardines can be eaten straight from the can or prepared in many different ways People all over the world eat dishes prepared with sardines or herring in a can If you’re going to cook with them, it’s probably best to get the fish packed in water if possible

     The great thing about canned fish is that it doesn’t go bad If you live in an area where bad weather happens routinely, then it’s probably smart to have a few cans of fish in your pantry The fish is already cooked and can be eaten by itself in a pinch Grab a fork and eat the tuna right out of the can the next time your electricity goes out You might be surprised by how tasty it is

    Put it on some crackers, and you’ve got a quick meal that will tide you over until the lights come back on and you’re able to cook something Frozen vegetables It’s too bad you can’t eat fresh vegetables all year long Sometimes fresh vegetables are either too expensive or impossible to find during the offseason A person can’t live off of soda pop no matter how much you may want to, so you’ve got to get some veggies in your gut somehow Everyone knows that eating healthy can be super expensive

    It seems that only the rich can afford to eat food that requires you to chew it It seems that all the great tasting, cheap, high-calorie food has one thing in common, and that is you don’t have to chew it much Vegetables are different, and you’ve got to chew those suckers before swallowing them If you want to eat like royalty, but have the budget of a pauper, don’t fret over it Head on over to the frozen food aisle at your favorite dollar store and pick up some vegetables

    You won’t put a dent in your bank account, and you’ll eat some healthy grub Be careful not to drown the vegetables in so much butter that it takes away the healthiness of eating them Pasta and rice There are a million different dishes that can be made with pasta and rice Everyone should have these two staples in their home They’re inexpensive, taste great, and easy to cook

    Rice doesn’t take much know how to prepare, and it can be paired with almost anything It’s great by itself or served alongside many other things The same can be said about noodles A little tomato sauce on any noodle, and it tastes great You can toss noodles in a bit of butter or oil, and they’re also good to go

    People make the mistake of thinking that to eat great, you’ve got to have a huge budget Pasta and rice are both filling, and they are cheap It’s all about what you add to the pasta or rice that makes it healthy or unhealthy There’s plenty of stuff sold at dollar stores to pair with your pasta or rice for a great meal Frozen vegetables, canned fish, and some noodles can make a tasty meal

    Check out YouTube for recipe ideas, as many vloggers cook entire meals using dollar store food You’ll be surprised by how creative the cooks are and what they’re able to pull off Anyone who thinks they can’t make a tasty meal from dollar store food for the whole family for a few bucks is quite mistaken People prove every day that you can make a meal that feeds an entire family for less than what Subway charges for a foot long Condiments We’re talking primarily ketchup and mustard here

    Though, you can throw mayonnaise in the mix as well For some people, condiments make or break certain food items You know who you are You drench everything in ketchup You’d eat a fifty-year-old worn-out leather boot if it had enough ketchup on it

    Ketchup is like liquid tomato candy that goes good on just about anything We haven’t forgotten about the mustard It’s what makes a hot dog a tasty summertime treat No backyard BBQ is complete without ketchup and mustard A burger and a hot dog that isn’t drenched in condiments should’ve ever go on a paper plate

     Every refrigerator needs to have ketchup and mustard in it Some would argue that mayo always needs to be in the fridge as well How else are you going to make the tuna salad we mentioned earlier? Don’t worry about the cost of all this; your favorite dollar store has it all Keep an eye on how many condiments you have, so you never run out again You know what happens when you invite guests over, and they have nothing to dip their fries in

    The fast-food joints forget to put the packets of liquid gold in their bag, and it’s up to you to save the day with a bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator Cookies How do people live without cookies? Someone should convince a government somewhere to make cookies a food group all their own Why do we even need a food pyramid? A person’s diet should be cookies, cookies, and more cookies A diet of nothing but cookies is easy to remember, and it tastes great Good luck convincing those cookie haters who work in the government to make a diet out of them

    At the very least, you’d think they would have at least one national holiday to celebrate cookies But apparently that’s too much to ask There are a wide variety of cookies available at your local dollar store Pick up a few different packs for when guests come over A few cookies are the perfect treat to go along with a cup of coffee or tea

    Inviting someone over for a cup of coffee with a cookie or two is a great excuse to have some company The variety of cookies sold at the dollar store ensures that you’ll never get bored with the cookies in your cupboard Chips You can’t go to the dollar store without buying at least one bag of chips They have flavors for the entire family at any dollar store You might be a sour cream and onion person, and your kids love barbecue or plain

    Yes, there’s at least one person in the bunch who loves plain potato chips Are they afraid of a little flavor? Break the mold and try something new for a change Who knows, you might like those salt and vinegar chips Wouldn’t it be wild if deep down inside there were people who want fiery hot jalapeno chips? Some people are afraid to unleash their inner beast in the chip aisle The size of the bag you get for a buck isn’t the biggest

    But what do you expect for a dollar? If you’re going to a store where everything is a buck, then you’re walking out with a great deal Don’t feel so bad that the bag isn’t so full you won’t feel sick from eating all of the chips Instead, think of it as saving room for some of the other treats you got at the dollar store You’ll need some room for the cookies and nuts you’ll eat later No day is complete without eating more than one snack

    Don’t even try it Candy What’s the real reason why you go to any dollar store? Do you lie and tell people you go there because of the cheap cleaning supplies? Come on; they must be on to you by now There’s only one real reason why anyone goes to the dollar store, and it’s because of cheap candy You always look around to see if anyone you know might see you dump an entire armload of candy into your basket Are you the type who skips the basket and gets a shopping cart for all of your candy? All of this sounds funny until you realize we’re talking about you

    No, we don’t have a spy that watches you at the dollar store We know what you do there because everyone goes there for the ridiculous deals they have on candy You can’t escape the candy at a dollar store It’s like the candy aisle follows you everywhere you go The only place they don’t have candy is in the back near the household items

    If they could somehow sneak candy back there, they would The great thing about the candy at dollar stores is that almost all of it is name brand You aren’t sacrificing quality to get cheaper candy The dollar store has the same brands you buy at gas stations or grocery stores You can buy more candy since it costs less and that has to make every dentist smile big

    Who knows, dentists may be the ones behind dollar stores bombarding customers with candy everywhere they look We’re not conspiracy theorists, but it makes sense if you think about it long enough after stuffing yourself full of so much candy your brain can’t function Fill up on some more great BabbleTop videos Just tap on that screen And if you haven’t joined our notification squad yet, show us some love and slam that subscribe button and click on that bell

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