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Three Sharks Battle for a Food Allergy Prevention Company – Shark Tank


a food-allergy prevention protocol for children I would do this deal one of two ways

I'll do the $350,000 for 11% The other way is I give it to you as debt

I loan it to you, I'll do it at 8%, three years, and I'll take 5% equity Those are the two ways you could look at it But there's an offer, and, you know, let's hear if there's any others that are more attractive than that I'm having trouble because on the one hand, like, I absolutely love this But I would only want to do it as a loan and get some type of royalty

What would that look like for you? I would give you the $350,000 as a loan at 2%, but I would want $1 per up to half a million, and then I would go with the 7% equity My problem is awareness You're so new, you're going to need a lot of money, and there's some things that I'm willing to back the bus up But it scares me to do that on too many deals And unfortunately, for that reason, I'm out

I don't think the marketing is about spending money on marketing I think the education is inherent because every parent freaks out about it, so they go and they educate themselves So they will self-educate, then they'll start looking where to find a solution I'm gonna make you an offer, and there's gonna be a contingency, okay? I'll give you the $350,000, I want 12%, 2% of that can be in advisory, but the contingency is that we do a low-cost version, and that for every subscription that we sell, we do one free to a low-income parent Right? That's my offer

So, in summary, it's $350,000 for 12% $350,000, of which 2% can be advisory shares So, you knew you were gonna have to negotiate some anyways, right? And you can negotiate back to me, too And you knew you were gonna have to play that game anyway But wait, guys

Wait, guys So, let's discuss, right? 'Cause if you don't think this is your offer, then just tell me We would love to have you as a partner, but I think for us, like, an equity deal just makes more sense Would you be looking at an equity deal, or is that off the table 'cause you — Oh, damn, okay Well, if you guys don't want me, then — No, no, no

No So, Mark, also, I think getting back to your offer, is there any way you could do for 95%, $350,000? Basically meet halfway in between the 7% and 12% That — I'm still listening Um, you know, listen, keep talking to me, and Mark will keep going down

[ Laughs ] Keep talking to me You're gonna get a better deal from Mark No, I'll do it at the 10%, 'cause 95% is just ridiculous So 10%

-Let's do a deal -Great Done -[ Laughs ] -Wow I'm excited about this

I wish I would've had it when my kids were young -Thank you so much -Congratulations -Thank you so much -Katie, thank you so much

We're gonna save a lot of kids together Oh, absolutely This is really, really exciting Thank you so much Thank you so much

Thanks, guys You're gonna put a lot more money in You know that? Marks-Cogan: We're so pumped, and we're just so motivated to have Mark on board Zekowski: We're just gonna take that excitement and use it to bring Ready, Set, Food! to every baby in America so that they all can have 00:03:22285,00:00:00

000 the best chance at not developing food allergies

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