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    This could be the greasiest food in your life [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.02]


    Let me begin with bucaron (There are all kinds of fritters in this world) I'd like to try just one bite

    Just one (Was bucaron a success?) (Slicing) It feels like the knife is cutting What is that? Oh, good for you! Good for you Oh, good for you – "Good for you" is your first comment? / – Good

    – Good for you / – He was silent until now (First winner who is very happy) Good for you! – That's what happens / – I knew it wouldn't work So it doesn't work

    (Melted butter shooting out) (Darn it) (Melted butter) In that case, I'll eat it like this There's no trouble

    That's actually better That is better This is my dish for convenience stores called meatcaron (Crispy) – Oh, that sound / – That sounds delicious

    That sound I can tell you one thing for sure, if you eat this, you'd be eating the greasiest thing you would have ever eaten in your life I'm confident I knew it (He is honest about his food) About the butter fritter, was that how it was supposed to be? If you want to eat the butter, you have to coat it with dry breadcrumbs and deep-fry it quickly in high temperature

    Then you can eat the solid butter When it melts, it turns into oil Don Spike's dishes are kind of dangerous They are They are dangerous

    And dynamic – There's a danger of getting burned / – Right The steak sandwich that looks like it is already being sold at convenience stores This will be, – Too big

    / – really delicious It's a little too big That one looks great I like that one They're going to sell that in college towns

    But without aging, the beef will be tough (Stretching his jaw joints) (Ah) He can't do it He can't – He can't do it / – No

    (Steak sandwich is a failure too) Good for you (Dejected) It tastes delicious, though (OMI

    C sandwich bread was innovative) The idea was great, but there is a problem I had to use a cheap cut, so I used this The beef was too tough Even with cheap cuts, you have to age them, but what he got was too fresh

    This one can't be bad – That's all he / – super balls

    – That has to work, super balls / – Super balls (Oh) That must be good And a bit of cinnamon in the jam This one worked

    (Super balls saved Don Spike) Where did he use Korean wheat in that dish? There was a bit of it in the coating It was in the coating? I know that too! He is honest It's good, but I didn't use enough flour (Too busy focusing on the beef to use Korean wheat) This is hard (He is honest when it comes to food) It's not easy at all

    He's good The five of you look nervous You look like you are a bit scared He is very charming, and the food he makes are They are different, like from another level My being here has brought all of you closer together We became close We are one

    (Except Don Spike, we are one!)

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