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– It's like mom always said: "Everything in life deserves to be covered in Hot Cheeto dust sometimes" (up tempo dance music) Hello internet, my name is Wil Fulton, and this is "Off The Eaten Path," where we show you the most amazing, interesting, and all together good restaurants in the world

Whether it's a "Game of Thrones" pop-up bar, a Jersey City joint making taco pizzas, or, you know, the world's fanciest Taco Bell On this episode, we're gonna talk about stunt food: those visually arresting dishes meant to draw attention, deliver shock and awe, and push the barriers of acceptable taste to the breaking point It's an internet-fueled phenomenon that some people think is ruining food, but others think, well, it's not doing that Let's take you back to April 2017 Thrillist released a video profiling a Hoboken pizza joint, hilariously called Tony Boloney's, that decided to cross any and all bounds of culinary decency to create the taco pizza, which is exactly what it sounds like

It's 30 pounds, it costs 80 shmamolians, and our video of that humble taco pizza has raked in over 100 million views and has given Tony Boloney nation-wide fame While this might be our favorite stunt food from the past couple years, Tony Boloney's isn't the only restaurant designing dishes to capture the attention of the internet and hordes of hungry Instagrammers Las Vegas' Jjanga Sushi & Steak, for example, have taken two of America's most popular foods, sushi and burgers, and combined them in a unholy, deep-fried union And even though this burger is as flashy as your favorite female Elvis personator, it's also actually kind of good, too Mounds of spicy tuna and salmon between two deep-fried rice buns, that sounds good

Do we actually care if any purists thumb their noses at this? I don't, personally One go-to move in the world of stunt food is taking, well, anything and covering it in Hot Cheeto dust, like tacos or ice cream, or like Callahan's in Norwood, New Jersey, does, soft-shelled crab sandwiches It's like the Jersey Shore classic went up to it's room and played Xbox and drank Mountain Dew Code Red for 24 straight hours And weirdly it tastes kind of good And here's the important part: Stunt foods are attention-grabbing by design

They are incredible by nature But just because they're outlandish doesn't mean they can't have intrinsic value Look at Wolfgang Puck's legendary salmon pizza, a dish created out of pure kitchen improvisation in the early '80s at his LA restaurant, Spago It subsequently became a culinary iconoclast, landing on our own list of the 101 Most Influential Dishes of All Time, and helped inspire a whole new wave of fresh toppings on pizza And technically, wasn't that a stunt food? Look, when done right, stunt foods don't just demand attention for being different, they demand attention for being something enjoyable to look at, photograph, and, obviously, eat

Audacity doesn't have to be a bad thing It's really about being creative and having fun with food It's the reason people still wait in line for cronuts and take pictures of their rainbow bagels And do you really take yourself so seriously that you can't enjoy a Hot Cheeto-crusted crab every once in a while? For more food worth staring at, check out "Fork Yeah," the hit Thrillist show that has ruined millions of diets And for more thoughtful commentary on the state of Hot Cheeto dust, tune into "The Daily Hit" every day

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