The Best Road Trip Food

– Food is always at the You're not really out looking for anything certain We Googling while we driving off the interstate

And this food truck, out of all places, popped up with an actual geographical location then seeing a name like "Too Fat to Fly," who can refuse that? In Hawaii on the road to Hana I had a freshly made banana bread with brulaised banana on top A big plate of fried chicken at Gus's in Memphis, Tennessee A white clam pizza at Frank Pepe's Pizzeria It was an egg salad sandwich from 7-eleven in Tokyo I didn't even know egg salad sandwiches could be that good

In Naples, where I had a dish of linguine with clams and zucchini that was like I've never eaten linguine before, clams before, or zucchini before A grilled octopus and crispy potato salad has Scott Kona's restaurant in Las Vegas In Maui there's a guy who's got a stand And whatever he's making that day, that's what you get And he serves it on a big giant piece of bark

And then he takes a big machete and he makes chopsticks for you out of giant pieces of bamboo Driving out of the city on the way back to Mexico City I got a simple tamale I travel to Japan very often Traditionally if your boss takes you to dinner, you have to eat whatever he tells you to eat The shrimp, poor thing, is running, trying to get away from your mouth

And he's like go, try it, it's awesome It's great It's the best thing you'll ever have

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