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Hi I'm Thomas and I'm Sheena and we're Chasing a Plate, today we're in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we're going to be sampling the smelliest, the stinkiest fruit in the world, the king of fruits: durian Plus we're here with our friends fellow YouTubers Always a Friday and they have never ever eaten durian before this is going to be super fun

Let's eat! we have the king of fruits, so this is an XO durian and my god it smells so good so many people hate the smell I love the smell with this video like Sheena said we're eating with friends who've never had durian because we thought our video is going to be pretty boring we just love it we're going to be raving on about how damn good it is, so we're here with Nathan and Rebecca from Always a Friday Hi guys we're Always a Friday What an introduction Yeah We create travel videos on our website and on YouTube and blog about it well and yea we've never had durian so we're newbies to this fresh craze, Sheena and Thomas have always said how much how amazing they think it is so hopefully we feel the same thing we're excited to give it a go

We're going to get Rebecca and Nathan to try the durian first The texture is really gross It grows on you but Ooooo I really like it You're not a fan? The skin is the weird texture but inside the skin is I didn't I didn't expect it to taste like this hmm I'm not sure how much I could eat of it

It's really strong, there's a really weird flavour coming through it's much better than I thought it was going to be and it's really really sweet and like a nice flavour but the texture takes some getting used to Oh wow I thought it was going to take awful and it really doesn't it's not something we're used to but I could definitely get used to it I love durian so much but it's such a treat because it's not the cheapest thing in the world so it is such a treat to have it Got your glove on, I kind of like going with bare hands on the durian but it does linger a little bit so the gloves are quite helpful

I've got a nice, it's not the biggest piece but it's a nice soft piece oh wow so if you've never had durian the texture is the thing that shocks most people and it shocks me every time because it doesn't look creamy it is like a very light custard or a way I like to describe it is like a really lightly whipped cream, that's the texture inside but on the top it has almost a skin so it like holds in this moistness and this beautiful texture This one's actually not too strong, it's got a quite a sharp sharp flavour they say that the XO has almost an alcoholic flavor and I kind of I can kind of get that it's almost like a little whisky sort of smokiness going on and it's quite bitter I can really taste down the sides of my tongue the real bitterness from that bite Ohhh it's to die for I totally understand why some people love durian and why some people hate durian and that's the thing with it it's often a one camp or the other fruit there's not often a 'it's okay I'll have it if it's around' it's normally a I love it or I hate it I'm so in the love camp because the taste of this thing is incredible the bitterness with this one is quite weird I don't know if I quite like it it's a little bit like licking a 9-volt battery it's giving my tongue a bit of a buzz But what a treat the flavour it's really floral to me not stinky like the smell so the smell if you've not smelt it people refer to farts

Bad farts too not good farts, bad farts but I love the smell I kind of like bad smells but I find the durian smell to be actually really floral like kind of like a a strange rose or an apple Each to his own right? I love it so much that is so good it's so cool to be here with these guys eating durian and seeing their reaction Wasn't that cool seeing people have durian for the first time? Love it Time for my bit! Now I love durian too but perhaps not as much as Thomas Thomas could sit down and eat like a whole durian to himself whereas I'm pretty appeased after a couple of pieces but this is a real treat as Thomas said that is beautiful, so it's really creamy, really custardy and it is relatively mild in flavour We've definitely had stronger tasting durians so this is the XO durian and we've had different varieties like D101 and others like that but we've never had Musang King which is like the king of kings of durian so we definitely have to make a video where we sample the musang king we're actually having coconut water with the durian because durian has heating properties so in Chinese belief it's 'yeet hei' so it sort of raises your body temperature and it can be detrimental to your health if you don't balance it by having something which has cooling properties like coconut water also some people have mangosteen which is known as the queen of fruits because that also has cooling properties too Our friends told us that another way to combat the 'heaty' properties of durian is to pour water into the husk, like this and then drink the water from the husk and that's apparently supposed to like cool your body down so let's give it a go mmmm I feel balanced already but I have to say I'm a fan, not sure if I'd have it everyday but I really like it

This is super delicious if you're enjoying our food and travel videos we would love you to give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe whilst you're down there and that's our durian feast done We want to know from you guys what types of durians you love and what types we should try We're desperate to try Musang King but what other ones should we be going out there and giving a go because my gosh that is one heck of a fruit Loved that day and loved hanging out of with these guys, Rebecca and Nathan from Always a Friday make sure you check out their channel they do such cool travel videos, their channel is great totally worth subscribing to so check theirs out and hit subscribe we'll link it up there and in the description below

We hope we've inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler not a tourist We'll see you next time, jumpa lagi!

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