SUB)ASMR CHINESE FOOD SPICY HOT POT 마라탕 먹방 マラ唐 รสจัดฮอทพอท 麻辣烫 Real sound Mukbang

Hello It's me Onhwa Today's menu is SPICY HOT POT

Please like this Video and Subscribe It's a Maratang(SPICY HOT POT) that many people have applied for :3 Chinese vermicelli shaped like rice cake It's chewy! Similar to rice cake There are a lot of mung bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, dried tofu, and lamb 🙂 Soup is very delicious

Wide Chinese Vermicelli Soft and chewy It is very long 🙂 This vermicelli is very delicious Spicy hot pot and kimchi goes very well together

🙂 Wow The soup is so delicious I'll eat the soup properly I ate it so delicious 🙂