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Hello, it’s Dorothy!😍 Hi~🖐🏻🖐🏻 Tada!😍 This is what I’m going to eat today! This is shrimp cream pasta!!! And this is a glass of drumstick tree tea~ Oh, it’s cool~ The pasta is currently white which reflects the light, so you can’t really see it, can you~? You’ll see the magic where it turns a different color now! ✨ Hahahahaha Honestly I filmed a cream pasta video once~ but too much light was reflected, so I quit editing😅 So I was debating if I should do Toowoomba pasta or add some chili powder But I decided on adding capsaicin for the first time in a while! Hehe😬 Bbua?!! Oh my! I can smell it hahaha Don’t you think it’s been a while? I t has been a while since I bought a bottle of it! This Okay! This way Yeah~ Shoooo~ What should I do with this spoon~? hahaha Get over there for now~ Put it over there~ I should mix them, right~? Do you see it? Whoa~ I think it still looks shiny

it’s still reflecting the right, isn’t it? (I adjusted the brightness~ but I still don’t like it :)) Would it be better if I put something under it ~? Tada! I mixed it well! Doesn’t it look red~?✨✨ What should I do with this powder~? I’ll just mix with it like this Please, be mixed a little bit more~ Okay! Now I can finally eat this pasta~😋 Here! Spicy~ creamy pasta~ Come on!!! Tada~✨ (This tastes the best👍🏻) It’s really good with cheongyang peppers*~ *The spiciest pepper in Korea I think in general cream pasta tastes better when it gets spicier! Rothy glass noodles* and spaghetti noodles together~ *Dorothy created Korean style flat glass noodles Like this~ By the way, those who love spicy food~ Oops 🙂 Those who love spicy food add a lot of chili powder~ I recommend capsaicin into cream pasta! (Amazing! :)) Hmm the capsaicin flavor is not overwhelming the creamy flavor! Wow~ it’s super long~ (Oh no, my mouth :)) (Even pickles taste good when you’re hungry 😊 haha) It tastes so good~❤ (Oops!) The capsaicin all got stuck all in one spot I could’ve been assassinated haha Whoa~ Actually I was debating between spicy buldak sauce* and capsaicin *Super spicy chicken sauce But I felt like the buldak sauce would be salty haha So I decided on capsaicin, and I think that was a smart choice! But now that I’m eating this


I want capsaicin curry You know Ottoki 3 minutes curry* with capsaicin *An instant curry in Korea (I can’t eat it when I lose my appetite) with cheongyang chili peppers~ (but once it comes back, I eat whatever I want) I gotta eat it next time~ haha (One two one two one two one two) A new wipe! For anyone who’s going to try this pasta~ I think it’ll be better to mix capsaicin in the sauce when cooking than adding it right before you eat! (The noodles are gone :’() (Watch out for the ugly look) (It was a delicious dish~❤) There are only onions left~ Oh yeah~ got some noodles here~ Yup! It was so good~❤ It was beyond my expectation~ Anyway, I really enjoyed the pasta! I hope you get to eat lots of delicious food as well!😍 I’m going to wrap it up here~ Bye! Oz~ Love ya~❤

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