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September kicks off push for Second Harvest Food Bank


NEW THIS MORNING:The holiday season is quickly coming and with it comes the need to put food on the table Did you know – 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 4 children right here, in the Valley don't know where their next meal is coming from

Second Harvest Food Bank is getting a jump start on filling that need with their Take Action Against Hunger campaign First news reporter Alexis Walters joins us live with the ways you can take action and raise awareness There are so many ways you can help end hunger here in the Valley both as one person and if you're part of an organization

I talked with the executive director of Second Harvest He told me that while the faces of the people change, the need is always there – and it's a pretty steady need in the Valley So they chose September as the month to urge people to hold food drives, donate directly and if you can't do that – wear orange to raise awareness – and post to social media about it I also talked to a woman who, her and her husband started a food donation center on the southside of Youngstown an area that has no grocery stores and is a food desert All of the food for that donation center comes from Second Harvest She tells me when there is job loss, she sees a spike in the needand people in the Valley give greatly, but there could always be more WE WERE GETTING A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT I HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE – I NOTINCE THAT WHEN THINGS HAPPEN I FIND THAT IM GETTING MORE PEOPLE ALL IN ALL I THINK EVERYBODY DOES PRETTY GOOD – NOW COULD IT BE BETTER YES – IT COULD DEFINITELY BE BETTER, I CAN SEE THE PROGRESS If you'd like to hold a drive – or donate Second Harvest says they need shelf sustainable food – proteins like peanut butter canned goods and cereals And if you are one of those in need – you can head to that food bank on the southside every 4th Saturday of every month it's located at the Sherwood Avenue church


You can find all of the details at wkbncom for both donating and accepting food Live in the newsroom AW first news this morning [D24]20190911 LAT OSU TRADEMARK-VO A FIRST NEWS FOLLOW UP: The Ohio

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