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hi everybody and welcome to my kitchen we got a lot of work going on so let's get started you these three pints of blackberries and this was once that I have got that we're going to be thrown away and we're going to make jelly with them and so you can make a small amount of jelly so to the three pints I added three cups of sugar now we're going to go ahead and bring this to a boil and when it boils we're going to add probably about a half a pack of the liquid pectin because this is only going to be doing half of a batch throwing these into the freezer I thought I would make some GM today now the difference between jelly and jam jam is the whole fruit and jelly it's just the juices so when this boils I'll show you when we put the pectin in and then we can put them in our jars and then you don't need a special canner so when you're canning things like fruit you can just use any kind of kettle as long as the water is about three inches above the jar so we have a kettle water boiling here and we're going to matter minutes have a bunch of jars of jelly that can last us for months and months and months to come add a little bit of butter just to keep it from foaming so now we're going to stir this to bring to a rapid boil then we're going to go ahead and we're going to put it in our jars this is a lot of jam for only three pints of blackberries whoo this is gonna be great every jam is my favorite of all time jams and the sugar I got free as well as you know sugar never expires and so the sugar was over a year old but sugar does not expire if you keep it in a good place or they're not gonna have rodents or anything like that sugar can get hard but it will never it will never expire all right soon as that blows I'm gonna put it back into our jars supporting our jars all of this from three pints of blackberries not too bad been a couple hours sitting here at the kitchen table because I'm putting up things that I got the food pantry and I also want to share with you what everything looks like so as you know we got those blackberries and look how beautiful Jam I was able to make five pints of blackberry jam with three pints of blackberries aren't they beautiful it was three pints of blackberries and I made five pints of GM pick through them yes there was some that were moldy but there was some that were great and so I picked through them I picked through about five pints and I ended up with three of them but this is food that was gonna be thrown away this is amazing and I'll eat this and this will last me I bet you this will last me by at least a half a year I mean one of these in a month I eat GM every morning so I found this book and it is a it's just an amazing little book marlene's magic with food storage now this is one that you're not gonna see everywhere I did get this own thrift books but I will try to get a link for you below I only paid like four or five dollars down here it's s 1695 this is this is a gem this book I mean this is amazing so this comes from the latter-day saints as you know they're very much into food storage now this is just about food storage and that's why I enjoy it so I enjoy this books on food storage and this is just amazing little book so we have some dried peaches that a friend gave me we have the cabin we have all of this stuff and it's just amazing little bits and pieces of things that you can actually dehydrate I'm so much about dehydrating this year canning I love canning canning is something that takes a lot of time canning takes a lot of muscle power because you got to be lifting heavy jars and water and all of those things and I love canning love kidding but dehydrating is something everyone can it doesn't matter where you live it doesn't matter your age it doesn't matter your physical capacity you can dehydrate this weighs nothing they weigh nothing and you can get bananas start out with bananas at the grocery store you can get them very frugal and dry them a dehydrator at Aldi they have them on sale for $39 they're really good I recommend the nesco I only have nesco dehydrators someday I would really like to have one of those expensive dehydrators but you know what the nest cones do amazing and that's what I have so I'm going to show you what else I was packaging all up my granddaughter helped me and so we're done at a doesn't flour is all packed it packaged up and we have marshmallows over here right now Walmart has these half gallon jars with roll back so when Miriam gave me a gift card for Walmart I didn't buy anything for me I bought jars because that's going to ask me a lifetime so where there is a will there is a way there are Swagbucks years ago before I had a youtube channel I would do a lot of swag bucks so swag bucks is online and you just do surveys and you take your surveys and they give you points and then once a month I would probably get $25 gift card from swag bucks I would use that towards getting lids and things like that so it can be expensive but if your priorities are right and you really focus on things like that you can you can get these items I share a lot of videos so you don't have to have canning jars too can I share with you if you want to make jams and jellies you don't need any special equipment so you just got to think outside the box you know in this world people want to tell you exactly how you have to do stuff who says and that's where I like to share with you with my channel there's different ways of doing things a dehydrator put it on your wish list maybe you have a friend or maybe you have loved ones that give you five dollars here and there for birthday gifts before you know it you would have enough money to get a dehydrator get a dehydrator at a flea market or at yard sales oh my goodness I got two for $5 and they were at yard sales and so ask your friends hey well if you go to a yard sale can you keep in mind I would like to have this and this what I do is I have a small list of things that I need and then if I know so people go to yard sales I'll hand them that list and say hey if you find this for certain such money could you pick it up for me and then I buy it that way there's so many things there's so many things you can do and our ancestors didn't have the neatest gadgets and our ancestors didn't have the latest things and you know books I can't begin to tell you how many books I read before I had the internet and how many books I read the library about all of these things if you don't have a dehydrator and learn how to dehydrate things in your oven some things you can dehydrate in your oven some things you can dehydrate by the air there's so many things a lot of people take their vehicles in the heat of the summer they will put their food items on cookie trays and they would dehydrate them in the car there are things you can do that doesn't cost you anything in a package of these all up I need to get all of these jars away I need to get my house in order because I'm having my family over so I hope this inspires you I hope this inspires you to think about dehydrating and think about the fruit and things that you can get you know that you can get that reduced the grocery stores oftentimes that things that are reduced they have things that yes there might be one or two that are moldy inside of it that's okay you just pull them out and you get the good there's always good in these packages that you find there's always something good in them pick through it takes a lot of time I know but you know what you would not believe how good you feel at the end of the day when you actually can look at your jars and say wow I made something almost out of nothing take care everyone we'll see you guys tomorrow

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