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    SAVORY VIETNAMESE STREET FOODS! 5 Dishes to Try in Hanoi, Vietnam (Besides Pho)


    – [TJ] In today's video we are sharing five Vietnamese street foods you can try in Hanoi, Vietnam, besides, our favorite pho noodle soup Our local guide, Gee, is here to help us eat around Hanoi Old Quarter

    But first, Good Morning Vietnam! (car horns honking) – Meow – Good morning everybody, coming to you from the back of a bike again in the beautiful Hanoi traffic The way you go to Hanoi, you probably want to eat pho, I know pho's delicious, but what other dishes can you get? That is what we're exploring today Let's go Let's do this thing

    Actually, we're already going We're on the way, we're on the way (upbeat jazz music) – We are at our first stop, we're gonna try the bun cha? Am I saying that right? – [Gee] Yes, right! – Yeah, that's right So right over here we have a massive bunch of vermicelli noodles, we have some Vietnamese spring rolls, some pork in delicious soup, a big batch of veggies and mint, and some fish sauce with our papaya Let's do this

    Gee showed me, you put some of this sauce into your bowl Mmm, oh I cannot wait to chew into this Some this Look how springy that is Mix it up a little bit

    Just, ah That's right Skills Aw, look at that Pretty? Mmm

    Mmm This right here kinda tastes like pork patties Like a hamburger patty but split into many pieces, and it has this yummy soup around it Not salty at all Just a nice meaty flavor

    What I love about Vietnamese food it's always paired with fresh veggies and some rice noodle, it just complements the overall flavor perfectly I'm gonna dig in on this spring roll Wow, look at that crispy outer layer Mmm Mmm

    The way they cook their pork's delicious, and the outer layer is so crispy, do you hear that crunch? Let's do it again Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm – [TJ] Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (laughs) – What I'm realizing as I'm eating this is the papaya adds such a nice, beautiful, sweet, crunch to the bite I keep putting papaya on my meat and noodles, I mean Oh

    So yummy Alright, we just finished, I walked out, and they're just frying batches and batches of spring rolls in these pans Oh my gosh, it's crazy – [TJ] Gee, onto the next stop? Uh Let's do this

    (upbeat music) – Now we in ah, Cat Lam, ah sticky rice in ah (mumbles) Hanoi, Vietnam Now, we have here is some yellow sticky rice With mung bean and fries or Vietnamese onion – We are on our second dish of the day This is the sticky rice with some mung bean on top and some fried onion

    The mung bean seriously looks like cheese and butter Like she was just shredding pieces of cheese on top of this sticky rice, and over here we have all these different toppings We have the mint shrimp, look how amazing that looks We have just a grease and juices flooding out We have the sausages, the papaya, and of course, the pate, which is meat sauce, meat paste

    I grab a meat, yes Chunks and chunks of sticky rice, and then, like this, take a bite and take a bite – [Gee] Yeah – Alright – [Gee] Enjoy it

    – Mmm Mmm Mmm Oh, yeah You got the graininess of the mung bean, you got the stickiness of the rice, some of this crunch from the onions, you take one bite, and it's just like a mixture of texture The best part is pairing it with these different kinds of meat We're gonna get some paste in here, and, oh, you know how I love these papaya, and we're just gonna take a bite Ready? Mmm

    Mmm – [Gee] It's good – It's good I used to live in Southern California, and me and my mom, we love eating this Wrap a shrimp, wrap some lettuce, or some pickled veggies, it's delicious

    I'm just gonna bite into this, that okay? – [Gee] Yeah – I'm just gonna, just bite into it, ready? Oh Mmm That just fell apart Mmm

    That literally just melted off of the sugar cane Yum yum yum Just keep eating We gotta, we gotta finish this so we can eat more (jazz music) – Right in front of me is a platter of amazing, amazing dishes

    This is as traditional Hanoian food as you can get The owner has been making this since she was ten years old Right here, we have rice paper with some egg and mushroom, and of course, some sausage, am I right? Oh, I just dropped that, sorry, let me put it back My chopsticking's not strong There we go, and right over here, we have lemongrass with pork, and right over here, of course, we have the papaya salad

    Amazing (drilling sounds) Don't they know we're filming today? Mm Mm Mm Mm Alright, you guys, I apologize for the drilling, we're gonna work with this I'm picking up one of these rolls and you just see that beautiful rice paper

    Look at that Oh, made fresh It got pieces of onion just sticking onto it Dip it in the sauce Fish sauce

    Oh, wow This rice paper, it just melted in my mouth It was so soft, it was like, one bite dissolves Pure deliciousness I'm amazed something so simple, just fresh rice paper with some mushrooms, can taste so good

    I mean, this is one of the best, I think banh cuon Banh cuon? – [Gee] Yeah Banh cuon? – That I've ever had We're gonna try some of this lemongrass pork in some sauce Bite into it? – [Gee] Yeah – Oh

    Ooh, that's spicy – [Gee] Yeah – Mmm, that's got a kick you guys Oh Oh, it's really spicy

    It's like a lemongrass drumstick, that's what it is A lemongrass corn dog (jazz music) This is rice paper roll with egg and mushroom Just dip in here? – [Gee] Yeah, dip it in sauce – Oh, yeah, let's get real drenched in there, just drenched, and dripping in sauce, that's how I like my food and my man

    What? Ready? Mmm Mmm The egg and the rice paper just stuck together like it's one Beautiful Amazing

    Wow My heart, feeling blessed Delicious We are heading to our next stop now By the way guys, if you want to learn how to vlog on a motorcycle, I'm just kidding, I don't think anybody should teach you that

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    (upbeat jazz music) And it's time for some noodle soup Right over here we have the wonton noodle soup There's boiled egg, pork liver I mean look at that Oh my goodness, look at that

    Yeah Just try this wonton noodle broth Oh Little bit spicy, and quite salty, actually It's got a lot of that seafood flavor in it

    There's shrimp paste, right? – [Gee] Yeah, yeah, yeah – Yeah, okay, okay, yeah Cause I was like this tastes pretty seafoody, and it looks like they add some shrimp paste into it Well, let's get our slurp on ladies and gentlemen Ready? Though generally I prefer thicker, flatter noodles, but, these are just the perfect kind of noodles for your wonton soup

    Nice and thin but still gives you that nice chew Especially when you take it in a big bite It's like chewing into little, springy, delicious noodles Oh, looks like we have some tripe here as well I mean, this soup is really loaded with a ton of ingredients

    There's wonton, there's shrimp, egg, veggies, it's all over the place One bite wonton Here's what we're gonna do We're going to noodle teleport to our last stop Ready? – (mumbles) We have, this one is bun rieu

    It fresh water crab served with noodle – [TJ] Do you like it? – Yeah, I like this This served with chilis, relish, vinegar, and some fried vegetables, yeah It's good Yummy

    (laughs) – I recently decided to give Gee my job cause he's so good at it So, it's not Cup of TJ anymore, it's Cup of Gee from now on, yeah So, this is my last video (laughs) Anyways, you guys, right over here we have the bun rieu? Am I saying that right? Bun rieu? – [Gee] Reiu – Bon reiu? – [Gee] Yeah

    – How do you say delicious in Vietnamese? – [Gee] Nyong Nyong – [Gee] Nyong – Nyong Alright

    Oh, look at this beautiful bowl I mean, you guys, just check out the color We got some brown, we got some white from the noodles, some of this tofu, and this beautiful, vibrant, little tomato right here Hello Oh, I am so excited

    Let's dig into this big bowl, Oh Wow Do you guys kinda see the light pink hue on the noodles? Yeah, it's from that beautiful broth Oh, the tomato has stained the noodle a little bit so it's kinda nice and pink This is one of my favorite noodle dishes ever

    One of my friend Linda makes the best, bun rieu? Am I saying that right? (laughs) – Ever, so I'm (mumbles) try this one, apparently this one is really delicious as well Here we go Mmm Mmm You can really taste that tomato

    That tomato juice had just seeped into the soup and it's a wonderful mixture, and this noodle is especially soft Oh my god This is yummy I kinda love the way the noodles start soaking up the soup and gets chubbier and chubbier I mean it's just fantastic

    Let's take one more slurp Mmm Right here we have the crab The crab along with the tomato gives it a nice sweet and then salty flavor, and it's infused nicely into the soup Giant pile of crab

    Oh It's like marshmallow It just melts away Mmm Alright, you guys, thanks so much for tuning in today's episode

    Every single restaurant that we tried today are relatively close to each other It's all very close to Hanoi Old Quarters because most travelers, we stay very close to center Both the restaurant name and the Vietnamese name and the English name will be in description so that when you guys come to Hanoi, you can also try what we had Thanks so much for watching this video Give it a thumbs up

    Give Gee a thumbs up – [TJ] Thank you Gee High five Yeah, chef Gee in the house, and I'll see you next time Bye

    (upbeat music) – Your turn Gee Ready? Do the dance Do the dance (laughs) – I kinda got a little bit of that (laughs) – Oh

    (laughs) – Veggie baby Oh, did I, oh? (upbeat jazz music)

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