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    S. Korea to nurture food industry as new growth engine


    south korea's finance minister has been laying out plans to nurture the nation's food industry to give the local economy and much-needed shot in the arm I came here song tells us more finance minister Hyun MD says the government will double the size of key food industries over the next 10 years to turn it into a new growth engine and create more jobs and an economy-related ministers meeting Wednesday Minister whom said the government will nurture five key food industries customized special food health functional food ready-to-eat food eco-friendly food and export oriented products Seoul plans to double the size of the industries from ten billion us

    dollars in 2018 to twenty billion by 2030 and create more than 60 thousand new jobs he also said that government will promote customized food for the elderly as those aged 65 and older are forecast to account for more than a fifth of South Korea's population in 2025 the government will also ease regulations to allow sales of Health functional food and hold key food festivals to promote the country's dishes in addition the finance chief said the government will continuously push for new industries to boost economic growth namely DNA plus big three referring to data network AI future cars semiconductors and biotechnology and he vowed extra support for the FinTech industry he also called on the National Assembly to swiftly pass innovative growth related bills commensal arirang news

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