Plant-Based Filipino Food

Yay Vegan Filipinos! When people tell me I can't make something vegan I take the challenge Vegan Filipino food is flooding the foodie scene I'm Christi Cunanan and this is Cherri Cherri Christi's ice cream pop-up is a family affair and the flavors she creates pay homage to her grandparents and Filipino culture With Filipino food really growing we wanted to make sure that with the popularity it's also coupled with really being proud of where you come from your identity and we're doing that in a very cute and very positive way that you start seeing the deeper values and also the celebrations that happen in the Philippines Roman of Lola Meday's veganizes Filipino comfort food inspired by his grandparents as well We both had diabetes and I wanted to get rid of it naturally even without all the medicines Viviana: and she is Lola Meday? Roman: She is Lola Meday Today we're serving kare kare which is like a peanut butter base stew It has eggplant and green beans and bok choy in it The rice and with the imitation meat We also have a Kalderetta It's also a stew and it's a tomato base bell peppers carrots potatoes and it has a vegan beef For Cheeri Cheeri Christi Cunanan it's all about honoring the traditional flavors Christi: We have flavors that really highlight what's going on in the Philippines today we have three flavors we have Ginataan Maiz which is a sweet corn that's been simmered in coconut milk topped with corn flakes We have Buko Fruit Salad which is a Buko Pandan base and then it has fruit cocktail of vegan condensed milk on top Then we have our Puto Bumbong and it's a forbidden purple rice that's also simmered in coconut milk topped with fresh grated coconut and brown sugar It tastes like the real thing It tastes like with the bumbong it immediately takes me back to my childhood Viviana: Just proves any traditional dish can be meat and dairy free and still take you back to your roots

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