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Peshawar ka Chapli Kabab | Bata Kulfi & Kabuli Pulao | Street Food of Pakistan


What are we gonna try at Chowk Yadgar? They have a Falooda there that's really special And it's really famous here

Assalam-o-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak And right now I'm at a "upcoming" food street at Hayatabad It's really nice out here People are chilling here They have tea & different food stalls here

They have a "Pizza Burger" here as well as traditional food But we've come here to have some tea & try out Afghani Boti After this we'll go to Umar Kebab Umar Kebab is famous in Peshawar for it's Chapli Kabab Their Chapli Kababs are delicious

And with it we'll have some Kabuli Pulao Sajjad is here with me since the beginning of this tour And today he has brought his son AwaisAwais what's your channel? Awais Khan That's his YouTube channel

Go check him out & support him Right now we'll have some tea & Afghani Botiafter that we'll check out Umar Kebab Chalain! They're making Afghani Boti here And next to it is a Juice Stall

How much is it? Rs300 How many will it serve? It's serves 1 How many skewers? 8 skewers We've also ordered 8 skewers People are sitting here enjoying

Jalebi Freshly made These items are for lunch Their special tea is being made here How are you? We've ordered our tea and

our Afghani Boti is just about ready It's a really relaxed placeand you can come here with your family as well There are also some clothing shops as well

And some general stores as well It's really nice market overall It's best if you eat it hot Alright let's try it Go ahead Awais

This Afghani Boti is so good that you'll keep wanting it more Afghani Boti is already my favorite dish Wherever I see this I have to eat it We came here for tea but trying Afghani Boti was a must Really nice

Zakaria just brought our tea Their special tea These Chapli Kebabs look amazing So we're now at Umar Chapli Kebab They're not only famous in Peshawar but in entire Pakistan

The owner, Umar , is here as well And the aroma of these Kebabs is amazing It's really nice How long ago was this created? Long before Pakistan's creation My father started this & my brother ran it after him

And I'm here since 1979 Since then I've been running it It's God's blessing Chapli Kebabs are big in size & these are small? We make them as the customer wants Some want them small & bite sized & some want them big

So these one's are bite-sized? Yes These are the tangerinesthat they'll squeeze on the Kebabs He brought these for us to taste Usually Chapli Kebabs are really big in size

but they make these bite-sized ones too because people want it They have the same spices & taste, just a different shape They taste amazing All this success & everything is from God We just do our part

So our order is here We ordered the bite-sized Chapli Kebabsand Kabuli Pulao as well and some fresh Naans They topped Kabuli Pulao with Raisins and there's a nice big chunk of meat in it as well These are the carrots & raisins

This is the large one This is the actual shape of a Chapli Kebab Let's start with Kabuli Pulao Really rich & tasty The raisins give it some sweetness too

I'll try it with the Kebab as well It'll taste amazing now An amazing combo of Pulao with Kebab & Tangerine You can have them just like that too Really juicy

I can taste the pomegranate seeds & onions too These are the most authentic Chapli Kebabs Really good! Amazing Everything was amazing Thank you! Chapli Kebabs were amazing & now we're going Where are we going now? Chowk Yadgar What're we going to have there? They have a Falooda there that's really special And it's really famous here We're at Peshawar Clock Tower now

Behind us is Chowk Yadgar And this is Bata Qulfi So this is the old, original shop? Yes Have a seat inside We've been here for more than 100 years

100 years! Yeah So what kind of Qulfi it is? Qulfi Falooda Falooda has vermicelli in it Who started this place? My great grandfather started this place They've added some noodles

Is this syrup? Yes it is And this? This is Khoa This is ready? Yes it is So this is the Qulfi This is made from Khoa & they added some noodles & syrup on top

And Khoa as well You're amazing! There's cardamom in it? Yes This cardamom's taste & aromaand Khoa and Malaiand noodles and syrup's perfect ratio It's amazing This has almonds? Yeah

They've added almonds too Really nice They also have Gajar ka halwa And that's Kheer? Yes it's our special Kheer with Khoa They have this amazing Kheer here

And I have to try 1 spoon out of it This is the special kheer Kheer taste amazing too Everything here is amazing So if you ever visit the clock tower here

trying out Bata Qulfi & Falooda is a must So we conclude our today's episode at Chowk Yadgar I hope you all enjoyed Also like & support Sajjad's channel His channel's link is in my description

Like, Comment & Share if you liked I'll see you guys in the next episode Allah Hafiz!

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